Are Viki able to get license for Korean drama Defendant?

I’m looking for this drama so much on Viki
This is a drama that is broadcasted after “Fairy Weighlifting Kim Bok Jung”

It’s replacing “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim” on SBS. It airs next Monday, but still no news from Viki on the license. I haven’t seen it as an exclusive on other sites, so there is still a chance I think. We’ll see.

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Boo hoo hoo! Not available for Europe, not even for QCs! This is awful!

Update: Once it’s been licensed, I can see it! Yay!

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I am a co-channel manager with denisse_bach and I saw that our dram said coming soon?

Has that not been followed through?

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Don’t say that the company owned by American brother (you know what I mean - since Viki doesn’t allow to mention 3rd party company name) will abduct Girls’ Generation’s member’s drama. They used to do that with “The K2”. Hope Viki will win! :pray:

@irmar I’m in the U.S and a QC. Goblin is exclusively in Europe even though I am a QC it’s not available for me too.

Yes, these things are so upsetting, aren’t they? Makes one want to go on “other” kind of websites.


There is a website that provides turkish subs. Some Koreans have been illegally sourcing those videos. No idea if the Turkish site is legal.

sophie2you I think those streaming website you meantioned above is dangerous with many pop-up ad. They don’t have HD. There’s a ton of website like this in my country but the resolution of the drama is limit to 480, 720, not HD. Even if I download their video watch on HDTV, the quality is bad not good as when I watch Viki via chrome cast.

You need an ad blocker when you go to these sites. About the quality… well, we go to them only if there is no other option, so beggars can’t be choosers, right?


VIKI has licensed us!!!

I am co-CM with Denisse_bach. If there is anyone interested in joining most positions are open.

I forgot who the chief segmenter is, but that person for segging, English team direct ALL inquiries to cgwm808. If you contact me I will forward the pm to cwgm808

In terms of mods I think most are open?? I have to check. We have someone volunteer to be card designer.


Congratulation on the license!!
Viki has won over that third party company.

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True, but when Viki only brings “naive but rich and dashing teenage singles”, we just have to go to those sites to find some variety

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Unfortunately, sometimes it’s the only way to watch dramas that don’t have Love/ Pretty/ Beautiful in the title.

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I think you are allowed to mention other sites in the discussion pages but not on the comments for shows/movies