Are you also searching for a certain drama, but forgot its name

Hello guys,
I am searching for a certain drama but I cannot find it. So it’s making me crazy!!! I kept thinking all day but could not remember its name. So I am creating this topic for everyone who has the same problem as me… because I what it is like :smiley: I’m feeling with you :wink:

I remember a little about the plot and the last episode of the drama. It’s about a who studies at a music school and plays the piano. She leaves the school for a reason I cannot remember but connote tell it her parents. So she starts to working as a housekeeper in the protagonists house.
In the final scene the guy is in coma and wakes up while she is playing piano in a church. So they meet their and she sees that he woke up.

Please help me to find this drama. And I hope you can find also the dramas you are searching for :slight_smile:

I like this discussion. Can you remember what country the drama was from and about what year it was aired?

Any idea who the Actors were by chance??

Ooh, like Dramabean’s ‘Name That Drama’ series.
Also, if you’re not sure about the who/when/where about the show, at least, when did you watch it? And was it online or TV or something else?

hey guys :smile:
Thank you for your interest to help me :sunny:
Finally I found the drama I was searching for. It is Ti Amo Chocolate. A Taiwanese Drama played by Vanessa Wu and Joanne Tseng, aired in 2012. The plot I described is different from the main plot. Later I remembered that the plot I describes is a side story of another couple in the drama, with I personally found sweeter that the main couple.

However, we can carry on our discussion and help other members to find their “missing” dramas!!!

Have a nice day :wink:

ahh !!! glad u found ur drama!!! now im searching for 1!!! grrr
okay,so like i turned on the tv sometime in the begining of last year, and saw a drama on. im not sure about too much details but i will tell u what i know. i think its a korean drama, but then for SOME ODD REASON i keep thinking its no,i think its korean …

all i remember is this girl who was the main character, she had like strawberry blonde hair,long, and sometimes wore those black-cute-nerd glasses when she was at home. she either had a guy she liked/was falling for or was dating him. she was stuck in a love triangle between two guys.the guy she liked worked with her in an office,and sometimes would visit her and startle her. he had black hair and i think it was middle parted. he was tan.
anyway, there was this scene where she was on her bed thinking about her boyfriend? or another guy when all of a sudden,he appeared next to her on the bed(her imagination), then he dissapeared and the guy she started to like with the middle parted hair was leaning next to her on the bed(her imagination) with his head leaning on his hand, staring at her,and she started getting flustered.

then in another scene,she is talking to him on the phone at home (the guy with the mid-part) in her pajamas and glasses in a pony tail,and i dont know if they were trying to go keep in contact through a long distance relationship, but hes talking to her over the phone and she is staring at a picture of him, and i think her imagination made the picture come to life of them walking together,going places,like if they were not so far away, and i think he was at home, staring at a pic of her doing the same thing while they were talking.
she also had a mom living with her and the mom came upstairs to her room and told her something afterwords, i think it was about him, then teasing her about him or something, then she went down to eat dinner with her mom and she also laid on the sofa and thought bout him.

idk,im sorry if its confusing,but thats all i got,haha. i remember looking it up on the viki app on my phone at that time and found the show on viki so i know they have it here…