Are you looking for some translation excitment? I might be able to help 🙂

Dear everyone,

The English Team has nearly finished preparing “Love In Time” for release to other languages. Things are looking good for a Monday, July 19 handover. The webdrama consists of six episodes at around 20 minutes each.

This is a re-edit of a 2018 series and because of this, teams do not need to work toward a deadline. This makes “Love In Time” perfect for the person who does not like the pressure that comes with new releases :slight_smile:

If you are interested in being part of the excitement, please contact me. Below are the language-teams that have so far jumped on-board. Should you wish to find out more about any of the following languages, please send a message to the person listed below.

► Telugu: padmalayag, bunnysai
► Serbian: dudaa_835
► Dutch: Damiechan, mielikki
► Polish: eyeecandy, iashley
► French: Linanul, kobolt, ooppa, sabrinaania, alice_pmk
► German: lutra
► Spanish: myriam_7c, dannyelita32_368
► Hungarian: gecziamalia
► Portuguese: fran0, sofis_306
► Romanian: rahelaveltan_172
► Japanese: sayurimahinaa
► Italian: msnoemid_711
► Indonesian: nessaaa

I’ve found “Love In Time” a very enjoyable drama from South Korea. It’s honestly been a pleasure working on it. :nerd_face:

All languages welcome.

Best regards to all


Somewhat similar to this 2017 series:

Are they the same series?


This looks a great series. I haven’t some across this one before. I’m a fan of Shin Min Ah. She stole the show when she acted opposite Lee Seung Gi in “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” I’ll definitely watch this one.

“Love In Time” is way more simplistic than “Tomorrow With You”. With only six episodes of 20 minutes, there’s not much room for development. While both involve time-travel, “Love In Time” is about a guy trying to save his girlfriend from dying because of an accident. For what it is, “Love In Time” is still worth watching even though it’s short. It’s a real shame that there wasn’t a TE when it was first prepared. Rivrflow TE’d this time around and she has been brilliant and has added quite a bit of depth to the subs that Viki’s translation did not have.

Thanks for you message :slight_smile: I hope you have a great day!

P.S. I also really liked Shin Min Ah in “Arang And The Magistrate” and “Oh My Venus” as well. I like the quirkiness she brings to roles.


I so loved this show :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Shows like this gives me ideas I wish I could express in a thread recently created here in discussions. :smile: Arang, And The Magistrates also gives plenty of ideas I can’t seem to express. The above thread is good for expanding, re-creating, or creating new plots, for fun. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::relaxed:

So is Tomorrow With You, except they’re married. He’s not the only one trying to save his wife. I’d say he got shanghaied (idom) into marrying her, but fell for her after, all for saving her from dying by an accident.

Thanks @manganese ! :blush:

I never got around to Oh My Venus, opposite So JiSub. I first watched her opposite Lee JoongGi in Arang, And The Magistrate, Loved it loads. Now, they’ve decided to call it Tale of Arang.

I also watched her in the drama, A love To Kill, opposite Jung JiHoon, better known as Rain. And in the movie, My Love My Bride, opposite Jo JungSuk.

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Haven’t watched Tale of Arang because I’m not sure if it has aged well. Has it?
As for Oh My Venus, all I can say is that her chemistry with So Ji Sub is off the charts :heart_eyes: They used to work together as models before the drama so they’re very familiar and comfortable woth each other.

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I think Arang :ghost: And The Magistrate, now, Tale of Arang aged well. It is a period drama to begin with, so it is what it is! I loved it! :wink::+1:t5: Period dramas, are their own world.
Btw, my ghost emoticon is cuter, look! :smile:


Female leads who have the personality, experience and talent to “stand up” to male leads are always appealing to me.

I noticed at one point, and joked with some friends, that there was a trend for female actresses in K-dramas (leads or not) to be small and “weedy” (there’s a good English synonym for thin; different from “wiry”) AND to resemble American poet Emily Dickinson.


(LA Review of Books)

Case in point:


(My Father Is Strange)




(Healer :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:)

My hypothesis is that when an actress is given this kind of look, it is because the producer/director/writer/costume person/actress/somebody wants to convey that her character is more fragile and/or intelligent and/or more naive and/or more no-nonsense than her male opposite, her friends and family, bad guys, her rivals . . .

I am fascinated that it is the American “Emily Dickinson” look that seems to have been the go-to look for the smart, spunky girls rather than a more Korean look, if I could put it that way.

That’s why I find Jeong Ji Seo an interesting actress. She’s got the “smart with a big heart” vibe going on in what I think of as a definitely “K” kind of K-style.

At the moment, it seems that “bottle natural” hair colors on actresses helps define their characters as neurotic, well-off, and incredibly conflicted about love and commitment.

And to steer this back to the topic, when I finish my training, I will be in the thick of the excitement. Thanks for asking!

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Subbers, may I wish many of you, “Bonne fête de la Bastille!”

On my mother’s side there are some pretty deep French roots propping up my family tree.

The modern world, wherever you look, is built on two struggles: the struggle of human beings to be free and independent and “themselves” and the struggle of human beings to find a place and a purpose and a sense of belonging.

Bastille Day is the result of those two struggles writ large across European history.

Hope there is lots and lots of bread and cheese and good wine involved in your celebrations!

I’m always so happpyyyy to see dramas where the FL has a different hairstyle— it’s an extra win if she has her natural black hair. I seriously LOVE their natural, jet-black, silk hair and it’s so hard to find FLs who keep it like that!

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Dear manganese,
I would be very interested in translating it into Italian. I am new here so I am not very familiar with this forum but let me know if I can be of any help.

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Hi @msnoemid_711 :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a private message.

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me! I sincerely appreciate it.


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Do you need someone to help translate from english to Portuguese? Please let me know!

Hi @wonder_woman,

Thank you for taking the time to reply :slight_smile: I very much appreciate it.

At this stage, I think the Portuguese team might be filled. I’m not absolutely sure, though. If you want to find out, please contact either @fran0 or @sofis_306. They are the Portuguese moderators and they’re doing an outstanding job organising and managing a translation team.

Best regards,


já fechamos as inscrições a equipe já está completa!
Atenciosamente Sofia^^


Hello @manganese
Post our language here !


Hi Padma,

Good to see you! I just checked that your language was working OK and it certainly seems to be. Excellent :slight_smile: It’s all ready to go when you and @bunnysai are. There’s no rush, though.


All the best,

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No no !!
I didn’t mean this

On this post add our names also.

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Thanks, Padma.

When I started this thread, the above languages were all that were present. It’s grown since there.

That’s a really good point. I need to update the first post so that people can see what languages are need.

Thank you very, very much for pointing this out. I’ll fix it now.


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Hello, are you looking for English to Russian translators?

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Hi Anya!

I am indeed looking for English-to-Russian translators. That would be AWESOME!!!

I’m sending a private message to you. When you read this, glance across to the right, upper corner of your screen. If you click on your avatar, it should take you the message.