Arg! Viki please FIX this language bug!

Viki! Please fix this default language bug! It is like a virus!

I do NOT speak German! and it keeps dropping me into German in the segment timer. Why?

My default language is English.

This is NOT a browser issue. It follows me on all browsers. Something on the Viki side is doing this.

It is annoying to have to change the language every time I open a part. It is not going to kill me, but it is just irritating enough that I have to complain about it here.


I used to have the same with Portuguese, first in the editor and later (when that was fixed) in the segment timer. But at some point… my default language had suddenly turned into English again. By then I was already so used to the Portuguese default setting that it almost was a sad thing to have to miss it…
Either way, just live with it and one day, it will change. :wink:


It’s happening outside of editing, and segmenting.
Every so often, links of shows I post, appear in spanish.
My, set, Viki, website language, is English! :woman_shrugging:t5:!

Take a look :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:


There was a placeholder notification on top of the main discussion page. The one that starts with “Lorem ipsum”.

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Yes, my VikiMail messages about who had become CM used to be in Portuguese, too.


Yeah, that’s very annoying. my default language is Arabic but sometimes it suddenly changes to English & the bulk translation is always in Afar!!!


There is also a long-standing bug in using Korean language on a K video. If I choose Korean as my language, the sub editor automatically chooses “captioning” and shows no “From” language. If I choose subtitles to look at English to ensure I am entering the Korean in the correct segment, when I leave the part and start another part, the system reverts to “captioning.”


I get that too when I work on ASC