Ashton Kutcher is a demigod

Ashton Kutcher was someone whom I had only seen in these lovable doofus roles. Just Married will forever remain my favourite rom-com.
But that all changed when the United States Government came knocking on his door, begging him to lend them his IT know-how. The U.S. may be the greatest nation on this planet, but it is nothing without amazing people like Ashton Kutcher.

And there was one more thing. It is something that he said, something really wise, really powerful:

“Build a life in which others may also live.”

I love this. It made me realise just how selfishly I had led my life. Actually, I had not even built a life for myself, let alone others.
I need to change that. I hope you will do the same if you have not already.
Also, Ashton Kutcher is a demigod. :sparkling_heart: