Asian Literature: Is Viki the right place to ask? [JAPAN, CHINA, KOREA, INDIA, ETC. ]

Since we are here, I would like to know about Asian Literature/ oriental texts that one should read once before ‘‘dying’’. Most of the times, English Translation does not justify the beauty of an Asian book, so I would love to know what editions/ writers/ books are your favorite. I have not touched much of Asian literature so far. Just read Yukio Mishima last year, and Tale of Genji in its unabridged edition by Washburn in 2020 but this year I am planning to gear up as a reader and read everything that captures my interest. Asian literature/ oriental texts are something that I would like to explore. Is Viki the right place to ask? I want to read Korean/ Chinese/ Japanese literature. I have have not touched Chinese and Korean Literature so far. (read a translated Chinese web novel though)
p.s.i am a huge fan of Japanese Culture and would love to know more books from there. I respect china from cultural perspective. Korea is something i would like to know slowly. I know goodreads is there but wanted to know how many booklovers are here who are interested in reading Asian Literature!
An Indian writer/poet i would like you to read is ‘‘Rabindra Nath Tagore’’. Novels that i would suggest written by Him is ‘‘Gora’’ and ‘‘Geetanjali’’. Nissim Ezekiel is my Favorite Indian Poet!


Goodness I used to be SUCH a bookworm… ti I got sucked down the vortex of Dramaland and Viki :sweat_smile: My favorite genres were classic British/Canadian novels or Indian folk tales, but I’ve more or less stopped reading now. I dont really like reading translated literature, even though I gobble down translated dramas. I enjoy the characteristic language, style and artistry of the classic authors that is so scarce nowadays.

Can manga be considered literature? I read one and kept reading until i realised it was ongoing for ten years and had no sign of ending :joy:


Yes manga can be considered as literature. wow i have not tried reading manga yet. the first manga was demon slayer which i read initially only. Dramas and movies do affect readers. I hope you start reading again. Maybe we can discuss then? What was your favorite classic book?


I actually watched the anime, Noragami, first. I loved the beautiful character art and illustrations, and the plot was interesting too. The action scenes were done so so well, and I loved the mix of action, comedy and slight slight romance. The production company just stopped making the anime and no one knows if there will ever be a season 3 :pensive: S2 ended on a cliffhanger and thats why I started to read the manga. I loved it so much.

My favorite classic series is the Anne of Green Gables series by L M Montgomery. The writing is witty, funny, thoughtful and romantic… I love how you can see the main characters’ development and growth - from a hotheaded, highly imaginative, easily offended little girl who broke a slate over a boy’s head because he teased her hair… to a beautiful, intelligent, still highly imaginative older woman and mother of six. It takes you through her entire journey of life, and it’s written with so much heart.

And it contains my absolute most favorite romcom tropes - haters to lovers and friends to lovers :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Manga IS Literature :books: :sweat_smile: :heart:


I have read it. I watched the series first and then read the book. It is a nice novel, i must say. I may try reading manga. once more, ‘‘can webtoons be considered as literature? lol’’

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I cant stand josei or shoujo, though… I liked that one shonen manga and a few others in the shonen genre. All the josei/shoujo ones I read were mostly weird, disjoint, too fast and gratuitous for me