Asian singers & bands concerts 🎶



So many Kpop artists are coming to Europe the upcoming months and it’s so tempting to go to some but none so far are on my “must see live (again)” list. But still I like the whole experience somehow (excluding the drama)…LOL


I really like it when word tours are actually touring the whole world and not just Asia ^^ I hope this trend, to also visit Europe, will hold on for a while or become a regular thing to do.


many coming, no money, to far away…





I feel a bit stupid because I have been a Viki member for five years, and I have never thought until now of liking the Viki Facebook page.

The very riveting Kinddom Wars series gave me a kick in the head sort of reminder that the FB page exists, and now I have another way to keep up-to-date on everything Viki, the only addiction known to be 100% safe and effective and a thousand times more effective than caffeine. And it makes subscribers smarter. How amazing is that?