There always is an assitant or a secratary in K-drama. And they can be funny or cute. I choose some examples :stuck_out_tongue:

The Master’s sun

Nice Guy

Every girl want a assistant like him :stuck_out_tongue:

Secret Love

He was so cute :smiley:

What’s your favourite assistant ?

secretary yang from Glorious Day is my favorite :slight_smile:

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Actually it’s when I saw the last episodes of Glorious Day, I decided to make this topic. But I forgot to name him >_<

My favorite is Director Tak from Fated to Love You

secretary from SEGA (cant remember the name on top of my head)

SEGA ? What is it ?

Secret Garden, I think.

Me too!

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yes Secret Garden with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Yes, to this. I love his dancing. I would add Assistant from Secret Garden and Master’s Sun, too.