Atrangi Re Rait Zara Si song
from 02:02 to 02:06
Here is the audio extract if it helps
I think the first half is “come closer”, then I’m lost.
Same lines are in the tamil version of the song too (twice like in the Hindi version). 03:58 to 04:06

I found the meaning. I should have just looked up the film in the first place.
Your fragrance lingers everywhere

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Took me less than a minute with Google…

Hindi Lyrics

होना तेरा होना
पाना तुमको पाना
जीना है ये माना
पल भर में सदियां
है सदियों में
जीना है ये माना
हाथ में तेरी खुशबु है
खुशबु से दिल बेहला है
ये हाथों से यूँ फिसला है
हो जैसे रेत ज़रा सी
रोज़ मोहब्बत पढता है
दिल ये तुमसे जुड़ता है
हवाओं में यूँ उड़ता है
हो जैसे रेत ज़रा सी

ये हलचल
दिल की ये हलचल
बोले आज आस पास तू मेरे
बिखरा हूँ मैं तो
कुछ पल हवा में
तेरे भरोसे को थामे
चलना भी है
बदलना भी है
तुझमे ही तो
ढलना भी है

दिल थोड़ा जज़्बाती है
भर जाता है बातों से
ये फिर छलके यूँ आँखों से
हो जैसे रेत ज़रा सी
हाथ में तेरी खुशबु है
सच पूछो तो अब यूँ है
तू चेहरे पे मेरे ठहरा
हो जैसे रेत ज़रा सी

Romanization & English translation:

Hona Tera Hona (I want to be yours)
Paana Tumko Paana (I want to make you mine)

Jeena Hai Ye Maana (We will live together, accept this fact)
Pal Bhar Mein Sadiyan (We will be together for life)
Hai Sadiyon Mein (Just say yes)

Jeena Hai Ye Maana (We will live together, accept this fact)
Haath Mein Teri Khushboo Hai (There is a fragrance in your hand)
Khushboo Se Dil Behla Hai (The heart is filled with fragrance)

Ye Haathon Se Yun Fisla Hai (I have slipped in the love of you, girl)
Ho Jaise Rait Zara Si ( Like sand slips from hands)

Roj Mohabbat Padhta Hai (I love you very much every day)
Dil Ye Tum Se Judta Hai (My heart is attached to you)
Hawaon Mein Yun Udta Hai (In your love)
Ho Jaise Rait Zara Si (My heart is flying like sand)

Ye Hulchul Dil Ki Ye Hulchul (My heart is stirring)
Bole Aaj Aas Paas Tu Mere (My mind is saying that you come to me)
Bikhra Hu Main To (I’m scattered in the air for a moment)
Kuch Pal Hawa Mein (I am connected)
Tere Bharose Ko Thamein (by your trust only)

Chalna Bhi Hai Badalna Bhi Hai (I want to walk with you, I want to change)
Tujhmein Hi To Dhalna Bhi Hai (I want to fall in love with you too)

Dil Thoda Jazbaati Hai (The heart is passionate)
Bhar Jata Hai Baaton Se (The heart is filled with words)
Ye Fir Chhalke Yun Aankho Se (Love is spilling out of the eyes)
Ho Jaise Rait Zara Si (As sand spills)

Haath Mein Teri Khushboo Hai (There is a fragrance in your hand)
Sach Poocho To Ab Yun Hai (To be honest, now it is like this)
Tu Chehre Pe Mere Thehra (Your face on my face)
Ho Jaise Ret Zara Si (Just like sand)

Hindi Lyrics from here
Romanization from here and here
Translation from here

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This part is repeated twice on the link. The pronunciation from GT seems right. It’s in Tamil script.
வாசம், அது வாசம் வீசுதடி
வாசம், அது வாசம் வீசுதடி
Vācam, atu vācam vīcutaṭi vācam, atu vācam vīcutaṭi
Smell, it smells
Smell, it smells

This translation smells.

(வாசம் வீசுதடி)
(வாசம் வீசுதடி)
(Vācam vīcutaṭi) (vācam vīcutaṭi)

This part is wrong. It’s supposed to be the same as previous.

I’d guess it means Your smell, your smell lingers (2x)
GT shows வாசம், அதுவாசம் வீசுதடி (the two words? after the comma now conjoined) as The smell, the smell is wafting.

Thanks for trying. I’m going to shift through the comments on the video to see if someone translated that part.

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Was it originally Tamil and maybe it was also dubbed in Hindi? I know it happens very often with movies, when they want them to be released in other parts of the country.
It’s possible that, while adapting to another language, there was a slight variation of the words, provided the general meaning stays the same.
Apart from those links I gave you, there were several more, but it was a repeat of those. None of them showed any Tamil, by the way.

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The original film had some Tamil dialogue in it. I should have just looked at the film, the line is " Your fragrance lingers everywhere" on the official translation.
The film was dubbed and released in Tamil under the title Galatta Kalyaanam.

The others didn’t have the lines.

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