ATTENTION! New Scheme - Requests to Moderate With a Co-Mod


Hi, it’s me again, so… it has come to my attention that some “volunteers” are sending requests to mod a language saying they will be moderating along with an older and more experienced moderator, so far so good, however, this is without that said moderator knowledge.
Yep, abusers are sending requests naming older volunteers without their permission, so they can be accepted.
Please, when someone you don’t know ask to moderate alongside someone else that is NOT on the request message, check if that said person does even know what the heck is going on.
Every day, a new fear is found to be added to the collection that has become “viki volunteering”


This happens to me. I am a victim of a well-known abuser, luckily the cm knows someone who knows that I would never apply to co-moderate with him. But I don’t know if this is the first time that he did that.


Not sure if this was said because of my message in the New Moderator Roles Requirement but I wanted to clarify that at least in my case the reason I messaged the CM was because the moderator never answered and I was asking for permission from both the CM and the moderator on a project that had been sitting there for a very long time. I would never bypass the opinion of the current moderator.


CMs should simply never add co-mods if they are not approached by both volunteers. If I receive a request to co-mod, I make sure that it’s always a group PM with both applicants. If only one of them sends the application, I ask them to have the other applicant send me a confirmation message.

But, oh, we have all kinds of CMs. And we have all kinds of abusers. Today, it’s this “co-mod technique”… tomorrow who knows which new technique this abuser will come up with.

Rest assured that it’s not related to you. There’s another a really “famous” abuser who comes up with new techniques (and accounts) each month.


And I absolutely agree with that. If there is a current moderator and someone wants to co-moderate then the current moderator should have a say and agree to that decision.Its basic respect and etiquette. In a request to co-moderate both the CM and the moderator should be addressed and agree, if the moderator does not want a co-mod then that decision should be respected not be like “surprise you have a co-moderator”.

And wow I wasn’t even aware there was someone who uses that excuse. It takes a whole level of craziness and dedication to make an account every month.


Not at all. I didn’t even see your message. It was about sneaky people trying to get in into projects.


Hi everyone
I think the best solution is to ask both potential moderators to request their positions in the same group message. I always ask them to send me a group message so that I know both mods are aware of what’s going on with their language.


This would be the ideal.


Oh, no worries I was just clarifying just in case since the whole update is a hot issue and my other comment can be taken out of context since I didn’t really went into deatils of what happened…:sob:


When someone wants to co-mod I always tell them to discuss it with the current mod that is present and when they want to co-mod together the moderator that is already on the project should PM me to request the co-mod to be added. I never force 2 languages moderators who don’t want to work together to work together. And I decided to do it this way because there are liars on Viki who say “I asked X. to be her co-mod and she was ok with it so add me” while X. doesn’t know anything.

Of course this only counts for mods who are still active, for mods that are inactive a person should PM the CM.


I’m going to add to my profile and be like, “Notice: I do not co-mod unless personally stated in a PM.”

And guess who I found followed my profile? Our dear multi-language super subber. :laughing:

Just letting the community know that if anyone uses my name without me being in the same message, please PM me.


I think that some moderator doesn’t anwer you that request that mean no. Also filling a moderator inbox of spam is very impolite.


Well I’m not a mind reader. I think it’s more impolite to leave various projects unfinished because at the end of the day if you accepted a responsibility then you need to fulfill it to the best of your abilities. Again in my case the show i reached out for was and old project that had been left without subs for awhile and it was a long project. I don’t know what you consider spam but I don’t consider reaching out to a moderator to see if they need help is considered spam. But then again to each their own.

Not trying to be rude tho, since I can also see where you’re coming from. Especially people who send messenge after message.


Totally agree with @thaly1209 in this case that you try to communicate with the mod for old unattended projects that are sitting there for years asking to add you as a subber or co-mod and there is no answer at all not even a polite no. What else we can do we ask the cm to add us. I have done this before for a couple of projects in the past and one of my team members did the same as well. Should we be considered hoarders or abusers?


Get help from Viki if necessary and go the way you want to go


I already did but no answer at all.I have 4 open tickets one since morev than one month ago.