Available shows

I have noticed that shows like bad prosecutor or The Law Cafe show that is is viki pass standard and there are a few episodes unlocked and the other ones say they are available today! what is going on???

While asking about certain channels providing the links would be nice that others could reply faster.
And information if you have QC status, do you?

Bad Prosecutor - I see 12 unlocked episodes.

The Law Cafe - same 16 eps unlocked.

So the following question would come to my mind first:

  • Are you logged in at Viki?
  • Is your pass still visible?
  • Did you get an update for your browser, or anything else on your device?

It could be a bug as well and subside in a few hours, or days, or later …

yes I checked again and the episodes are normal and open for me now. I thought I would make a post because I have never seen this before and didn’t know if other people were having this problem as well?

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