There is this couple, that you wish were real couple and you ship them to death. Even if he/she has gf or married, you don’t care about that or you don’t want to accept that. Lol it sounds weird but truly i just want to believe they were made for each other.I love Park Shin Hye and Lee jong Suk the most, They are just made for each other!

I don’t really ship couples. Although, there are actors and actresses with great chemistry. I tend to separate actors from their characters. I will say a couple that I felt had excellent chemistry would be Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook from Hotel King. Pretty much anybody who works with Yoon Eun Hye has good chemistry with her.


That is true, I love eun hye from her drama princesses hours.

Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wook really have a great chemistry, even when they were the main couple of My Girl. But there’s also Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young from Healer, they are amazingly awesome together! They are one of the couples I wished was real.

I know right, I always thought lee da hae and lee dong wook were kinds of in relationship, you never right?

I ship SR = Show Rainie

Just saw Healer and I have to agree they have excellent chemistry.

I would choose Nadine Lustre and James Reid.

If you guys don’t know them. click below

This is Nadine and James


I don’t know much about them but I was pretty impressed with James’ dancing. Does he have a background in dance?

i heard james has, i’m not sure though. Both of them has dance music videos so maybe yes. (They both can sing aswell)

Me and You - Nadine Lustre
Musikaw - James Reid

i don’t like their music and dance tho, but they are good on screen couple imo.

Saw them on a tv show before. James can sing too, well not that good but at least he can.
Lucky - James & Nadine