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this was discussed in discussions months ago, about robots, and the futuristic stuff about them. well I just watched 109 different things, another robot drama, really short episodes too. this was really cute drama, of course, some cliff hangers as well. enjoyed something different. a robot from the future, hmmm reminded me of"the terminator" a bit as well. protects the creators family something like that

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Do you like animes or cartoons?
-In cartoons, Disney made Wall-e, Big Hero 6 (Bmax!).
-And in animes and mangas, they made a special genre just for combat robots called mecha! I’ve only watched Evangelion on tapes so far, it was one of the animes that allowed the anime industry to flourish again before 2000 and it gathers a lot of fans even today:

For romance though:

  • I’ve only watched the anime Chobits (a female robot with a male human). I don’t know about adaptations in dramas for this one.
  • I read one shoujo manga Zettai Kareshi by Yu Watase (one of the references in shoujo mangas) and it was later made into a Jdrama, Tdrama and Kdrama (this is jackpot!). I haven’t watched the dramas though.
    All her mangas are romance drama materials if Zettai was a hit.
  • For manhwa, I’ve never read one with robots…
  • Chinese novel: it’s not easy to be man (a female disguising as a male and becoming the first female pilot of a robot, slow romance though…)

For movies:
The movie Pacific Rim specifically (they have it on Netflix). A light reminiscence of Evangelion, only a light.

Just found the ending OST of Evangelion, if you’re a fan of jazz music, you have this beautiful version of Fly me to the moon though the best version for me is Nat King Cole version! It was the very first song I wanted to learn in English as a child :slight_smile:

OMG, apparently Evangelion is on Netflix, too! Let’s go watch it again!


I will definitely find Evangelion as for Wall-e loved it, don’t recall Big hero 6, I have watched a few animes mangas and cartoons, one you missed was A I (American one) I have been wanting to watch Pacific rim for a very long time and just haven’t gotten to it there are so many good stories on the robot theme, this later one Are you human too, was cute, that’s when the discussions started too. so theres a lot of anime & magnatas, well I will look into them then and thanks fr your response.,

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Big Hero 6 is more recent than Wall-E, it’s really good if you liked Wall-E!!
I wanted to buy a big Bmax couch after it.

OMG, you know AI?? I loved that anime, too! The girl from the tape or TV, right? It was a cute love story like Marmelade Boy.

Pacific Rim is more like an action movie or apocalyptic one, like Evangelion.

What’s your review on “Are you human, too?” I’ve never watched a robot drama, my frenzy is always books first…

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well just found evangeloin, about 3 or 4 of them. yes about AI I didn’t see pacfic rim, but will look again
sometimes the books are really better than the movies/shows

the boy was in an accident, his mom was one of those scientists that was smart. anyway she recreated her son as a robot, I don’t want to go too far cause I will give stuff away, It was very good, some spots ike anything else could have been better. a machine no emotions? oh produced as #1 #2 #3 wait & see if you get to watch.

the real one was in a coma, comes back to life, sparks flying, conspiracy etc etc etc all I can say kept me on the edge of my seat. to me it was really good

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now we have a love thing with a Hologram?? wow what will they think of next? the robot was good, but a hologram? the first couple of episodes are fine, just hope its a good ending

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Some good cyborg robot K-dramas I have watched
Are You Human Too?
Absolute Boyfriend There’s also a Taiwanese drama version too :wink:
I Am Not a Robot

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