Bad Girlfriend - Korean drama| RECRUITING Other Language Moderators and subtitlers

Hello volunteers!

I am the channel manager of Korean drama Bad girlfriend

I’m looking for other language moderators and subbers.

I already have moderators for Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, German, and French.
Please contact me on Viki inbox at

Here are few details about the drama.
This is a short webdrama.
12 episodes in total and the duration of each episode is 20 mins.
It will start on July 12, every Tuesday and Thursday, with 2 episodes a week.

Looking forward to your applications.
Best regards


I’m looking for hungarian, urdu and arabic mods.
please send me a pm

Hi guys, I am looking for an Indonesian moderator!

Hi there! ^^
I am new to subtitling but hold a language proficiency in Korean. Would like to help and contribute in Korean - English/Hindi subtitling.


Hi! If you want to subtitle in Hindi @joe_she_ta will help you as she is the Hindi moderator of the show.
Thank you :blush:

Hi guys im able to subtitle English to Portuguese. tsk

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@karenperez and @gabs1525 are the portuguese moderators of the drama, please contact them or send an application through the project finder.

I’m looking for Hungarian and Swedish moderators.

Sou Brasileira, falo Ingles e Portugues, gostaria de colaborar!
I am Brazilian, I speak English and Portuguese, I would like to collaborate!

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Can I apply to be the Tagalog Moderator for this show? Thanks

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Please message me here

Please reach out to me on my Viki inbox.

Hi, I’m new here and I can subtitle from English to Czech.

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Is the Czech moderator of this series, please contact her.
Thank you

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Hi, I would love to help. I’m able to subtitle from English to Italian.
I don’t know if the offer is still valid, but if it is, it would be a pleasure to help.

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I would like to help with subtitles and can translate from English to Greek.If you need my help please contact me and i would be more than happy to help.
Thank you

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Do you need a Romanian moderator?

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is the Italian moderator of the show. Please contact her.

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is the greek moderator of the show. Please contact her.
Thank you.

Hi dear, I already have a Romanian moderator.
Please contact her if you wish to collaborate in this project.