Bad Guys (1 and 2) - anything else like those two? shows

Really loved the first series especially and am looking for something similar. Must be a Korean series though if possible :slight_smile: Cheers!

I can only guess, since I am not the best in watching violence on screen, but have you tried these before:

I don’t know if this old one can give you enough thrill, but I didn’t want to let it go unnoticed:

It would be easier for me to know where your preferences lie in the drama, because I know about a lot of dramas, but for the cruel subject I often shy away.

Two, like I found outstanding dramas I managed to watch, but I don’t know if this could be something for you:

I hope you will find something for you, have a pleasant watch!


@lutra Oh some nice recommendations there, thanks :slight_smile: Of the ones you recommended I have only seen Tunnel - which I loved.

I’ll happily watch anything to be honest, but the last couple of series I have watched (Mr Queen and Angel’s Last Mission: Love), have been quite lovey-dovey so I just fancied something a bit grittier and I do like a good crime series.

My favourite actor is Choi Jin-Hyuk and I did want to watch “Justice” next, but sadly although it is on Viki, it isn’t available in my region for some reason (the U.K)


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Well, I am living in Germany and I share this fate of yours, did you try his Zombie Detective, it is not that dark as one would imagine.

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I don’t know anything about the series you mentioned in your OP, but based on the fact that you said you liked Tunnel (which I recently completed and also really liked), I thought I’d make a couple suggestions.

I recently started this series: Voice, which has multiple seasons, but unfortunately I had to stop watching because it is not filmed with Steadicam (at least in the early going) and I am very sensitive to motion. However, I was really intrigued by the story and am really sad I can’t watch it.

This is another I plan to watch eventually. I heard good things about it.

Another that I am currently watching on Netflix (if you have that) is called ‘The Good Detective’. It’s a crime thriller with a mystery and an element of corruption in the police force. I hope these are the types of recommendations you were looking for.

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@my_happy_place Well, you have definitely got my tastes down :slight_smile: I have watched Voice already and really enjoyed it. Despite it being quite silly in places :smiley:

Beyond Evil looks right up my alley. Thanks so much :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

I don’t know how I forgot to suggest my absolute favorite of this genre:

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Let’s see…
There’s romance in this, but not much. Action/Law is much more prominent.

Ma Dong Seok from Bad Guys has photo cameos in this one :joy: He’s supposedly the ML’s late father(yes, it’s a Bad Guys spoof)

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@my_happy_place @vivi_1485

Thank you both. You have nailed my tastes with those recommendations :slight_smile:

I don’t mind romance, but I like to mix it up. One thing I think Korean actors do really well, is looking like they are in love. I always find it totally believable. And boy can they cry well on cue!

I want to travel back to my younger self and move to South Korea. I’m completely obsessed and love the people :slight_smile:


It seems we neglected this one, and I will look for some older ones, if they are still around, or available.

Didn’t watch the following, wanted but I am a chicken at times, I really like the actors but just can’t bring myself to watch it, maybe it is something for you.

I know you wanted dramas, this is a movie, you still might want to try, I don’t know though, if you can access these channels.

These might seem like oddballs to you as a suggestion, but I rather want to make it, than leave them out. Mix movie/drama

And coming soon:

LOL I think it got a lot more than I wanted to post, anyway, maybe in the mix you will find another one or two for you to watch.
Somehow this Saturday feels like Sunday morning …


@lutra Awesome!!! I swear you can all read my mind. I haven’t seen a recommendation yet that I’m not interested in :slight_smile:

I can’t even begin to count how many Kdramas I have watched in the last year and a half. I’m housebound pretty much following a motorcycle accident so have lots of free time.

I’ll be watching all of these :smiley:


That’s a pretty comprehensive list. I have several on my watch list already. It’s nice to have these as a break from the pure romances that I usually watch.


Then I am wishing you a speedy and good recovery.


So sorry to hear about your accident. Kdramas are a really nice way to spend time.


If you ever need more, or something light in between, just let us know.

Do you know about the yt channels from the two of the main broadcasters SBS and KBS, they have some dramas there, that are no longer available to us Europeans here?


Quite frustrating that about half those recommended by @lutra aren’t available in my region :frowning: (U.K here) and thanks Lutra for the well wishes, My accident happened quite a long time ago now and left me disabled. But I’m very much used to it now and have ways to work around my limitations :slight_smile: So please don’t feel bad for me :smiley:


I won’t, if you are doing fine within your possibilities, then it’s okay. Improvement can be found in many ways, it’s not only about the body, but the mind needs some healthiness as well. So all the best wishes to you.

I will write a PM to you, with some playlists from some other dramas.


Behold, the Empress and Keeper of the Drama Library :crown::crown: Ever since I joined Viki, @lutra has never failed to bowl me over with her long lists of recommendations on any and every subject! :heart::heart:

BTW, the network OCN is known for producing mystery/crime thrillers, the kind you like. You might want to check the list of shows produced by OCN if you like :smile:

Since you said you’re okay with a little romance:
Healer - ML is a special kind of night courier, known only as “Healer” by his clients. For the right price and with the help of a genius hacker, he gets his clients whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t involve murder. His latest job leads him to a second-rate tabloid writer(FL) and the successful reporter, Kim Moon Ho. He begins to uncover the mystery of his own shared past with the two reporters(corruption and the oppression of reporters during the martial law in SK), thus putting them all in danger.

The K2 - ML is a former mercenary soldier known as “K2” who suddenly turns into a fugitive when he is wrongfully accused of killing his girlfriend while he is serving in Iraq. He finds his way back to Korea and gets a job as a bodyguard for the wife of a presidential candidate.
ML uses his new job to plan his revenge on the leader of the current ruling party, whom he believes ordered the murder of his girlfriend.
There’s lots of politics in this one.


Thanks @vivi_1485 (must be named after the FF character?)

I’ve actually seen Healer and The K2. Loved them both :slight_smile: I keep losing track of what I have watched. I need to make a spreadsheet of everything and also the names of the actors that I like.

I find it hard keeping track of a lot of actors because the spelling of their names can vary depending on where you are looking.

But at the moment I think I’m in love with about 50 Korean actresses :grin:

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If you’re looking for a way to keep track of everything you watch, I would suggest a website called ‘My Drama List’ (MDL for short). On top of keeping a master list of your watched dramas, you can create all kinds of lists as you please. It’s also a great source of reviews or suggestions.

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