Bad Guys & squad 38

maybe this has been mentioned here before, but i just want to say it again. How come some of the good dramas are short or cut off at a certain time, people not interested enough? hmmm I wonder.
I watched bad guys again, cool watching it on my big screen, anyway there are a few loose ends, oh the ending was good I did like it, but to leave the guy , the one thats a contract killer, why didn’t they let that girl know later he went to jail, awww sorry a romantic here. and they are letting them out when they need guys like this? I don’t know about anyone else but I would love a second season/series. Ok now to squad 38, this one was awesome twists & turns, the final ending shot(spoiler here!) the bad guy shows up on squad 38 and hits one of the guys and saying he only had a few months left. Just would like a second season on this one too. still was cool that there was an ending connection on bad guys and squad 38. Loved it! still again wish there was a second season. and as for the old detective, what happened, just don’t want to give these guys up I guess
and there are other dramas like this, City hunter, healer,voice, and theres more, but I will leave it with all of you. off the proverbial soapbox now.

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I have
Good news… I read an article saying that there will be a season 2 for Bad Guys but they don’t know if the original cast members will be back… I hope the serial killer comes back since he rocked in that role… I am not sure but I think there may also be season 2 for Squad 38 too

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Bad Guys 2. Premiere yet to be confirmed but probably late November or December 2017, since it follows OCN’s “Black” which premieres in October. Maybe we will see cameos of some original cast, just my wishes, nothing announced indicating cameo appearances.
Actors: Joo Jin-mo (Woman With a Suitcase), Kang Ha-nuel (Scarlet Heart Goryeo), Park Joong-hoon (movie actor), Um Tae-goo (Maids); Actresses: not announced.
Follows “Black”. Writer-Han Jung-hoon Squad 38, Bad Guys, Vampire Prosecutor;
PD Han Dong-hwa Squad 38

I haven’t heard any news for a second season for “Squad 38”, but it would be great to see one.

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I’ve really enjoyed all the shows you mentioned. If you haven’t already watched “Tunnel”, I highly recommend it. “Chicago Typewriter” and “Tunnel” are my favorites in their genre for 2017.

I posted some news (below) about second season for “Bad Guys”.

loved tunnel too, havent gotten around to watch chicago typewriter, maybe its a good time now, per holiday… Ice cream, cake etc…

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Sounds like a plan. : )

I seen a ad saying bad guys will be back on the middle of the year, not sure if Viki is gonna do it or others. purly accidentla found on youtube I think it was drama mania.

Soompi posted this:

Squad 38 I got bored and gave up in the first few episodes. Mostly the female lead, but the male lead, too. I start many of his dramas and finish none. I really can’t get into his acting; he seems so one-dimensional to me, I don’t understand the hype.

But Bad Guys is still one of my favorite dramas, I’m so glad it’s getting a Season 2! It was exciting and a bit brutal, and I loved it!