Bad Relationships, but we love them anyways?

Let me start be saying I am a huge drama fan, especially Kdrama. I’m wondering though, if any one else has had the “why did I ship that couple,” moment?

Though It doesn’t happen in every drama, there are plenty were the guy (or sometimes girl) is a spoiled brat, possibly with anger issues, or are bad choice for some other reason. They are completely unworthy/inappropriate of/for the girl or guy and yet they get the girl/guy in the end.

I first thought of this after watching Flower Boy Ramon Shop. The couple that ends up together is badly matched and a bit inappropriate. I knew from episode 1 they would get together, but the more I watched the more I hoped they would break expectations and not go there, but they did. That got me thinking what other couples would of been a bad idea in real life.

My first thought was Joon-Pyo and Jan-Di in Boys Over Flowers. Before you blast me I completely ship them, but let’s be honest in real life love is not powerful enough to take care of his issues. I know in magic drama land love heals people’s deep seeded issues with no well planned effort to get the person real help, but in real life Jan-Di would have been better off and safer with Ji-Hoo.

Have you had the same thought about any other drama couples; which ones?

If you don’t agree with me feel free to say. I just sometimes feel like all young impressionable drama watchers should be told it doesn’t work that way in real life. Going for someone like that will get you noting but pain. That doesn’t you have to agree.


I could only think of the recent drama Bel Ami/Beautiful Man/Pretty Man. Kim Bo Tong was way too good for Dokgo Ma Te.

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Hands down have to agree with you loveeeeeeeeee Sukkie but yeah she should have choose David!! :stuck_out_tongue: Nobody shot me but Master’s Sun I thought she’d be better off with the security guard if she stopped seeing Ghosts!! :stuck_out_tongue: and right now Cunning Single Lady noooooooo way should she go back to her husband he hasn’t matured at all but I doubt they are going to let her fall for the cute and absolutely to die for adorable young guy but he’d be a way better choice in my opinion!! :slight_smile:

I hadn’t thought of that one but you are so right. Why do they do this to us is there something about Korean culture I don’t know. Okay, there is a lot I don’t know, but still.

Lol i ship her with the husband. Better than the good looking psycho second lead who has a psycho sister and father.

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