Badge error


I was wondering what’s going on with this badge. This error has been showing for many months now, I noticed it not just on my profile but on other users profiles too. I was just wondering whether the badge would ever go back to its original form.



The “error” badge is supposed to be this QC badge.


So many things are going on in here that I wonder: where can we get the answers? I believe you might not have enough contributions for that badge. Check out this link and maybe you’ll have your answer>


Hm. Are you sure? I have 3,000+ subs/segs so I’m currently a QC, and I believe the badge is for QC and Gold QC members. I remember when people were getting the badges on their accounts, and I actually stumbled across a viki discussion where a user was saying they didn’t have the badge on their account and a moderator took the liberty to add the badge on their profile. I said the same thing and another one of the mods put up the badge for me too, but that was almost 6-7 months ago.

I took one scroll through your account and realized the error is on your page too.


Maybe nobody brought the issue up and it was never resolved.


That happened to me several times with the segment badge (I didn’t finished my full nass badge) so it started to show like the one you’re showing there. I also put up several pictures in my profile and they show like that, until I change it to another picture. I didn’t even noticed mine not been there. It could be the 1001 bugs they have here lately. lol


For me the QC and SEG 101 badge have the error. They are in black. Not appearing properly. It was reported months ago. They fix it but then again they are still black somehow. Hope they get them fixed someday…


Funny thing, I didn’t even noticed I had that lightning thing in my page, too.


I joined Viki as volunteer a couple of months ago and I only got to enjoy my badge for a week or so before it became like this. :frowning_face:


They owe us an explanation but that remains to be seen. Lately, here at Rviki site, the last one to know anything at all, are the volunteers.


Yeah, I noticed that a while back too. Then it showed for a day or so and went back to the error badge.

Maybe they are changing the design of that as well? Idk. Hope they fix it soon.