Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


Just saying hello to us crazy badge achievers!



Talking of bots and hotpot of cultures. What would catch my eye in my YT recommends today other than my favorite bot AG3! She seems to be on a cross culture exchange with the Japanese currently. :stuck_out_tongue:


heyyyy… she does supposedly speak Japanese, but none of these songs are part of the OST! :joy::joy: someone’s got a real hotpot going!


I know there are other places for off-topic, but I have not read even one comment there. So, I am sorry, but …
Just in case someone is wondering why I am not posting as much as I normally might. I am just busy at home, that’s all.
Sometimes I got a bit of time for reading, but commenting is a different case as I will spend too much time in here.
As I mention somewhere before, we were not hit by the hard rainfall disaster. Still weather is not going to be nice rain, thunderstorm warning incl. hail, wind, and heavy rain. We had a temperature drop after having 30 °C yesterday.
I hope everyone stays safe, and I will be able to join the fun again at a later point.


Thanks for letting us know! Stay safe and take care! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You can come ANYONE to the Segue Cafe - Sometimes several of us are in there at one time and we chat! Lots of fun - but you can post some random thoughts if ever you want! I know you know about them - I just love chatting in REAL TIME

@lutra stay safe in the storms


I got this nine hours ago. I am again baffled.

Have I not been doing all along the activity for which I am being awarded this badge?

Share button? Am I again not seeing what is in front of me?



Perhaps what you’re thinking of is quoting rather than sharing a post which is a link to the entire post.
You can quote a part of a post like a sentence out of an entire paragraph, or even quote the entire post but it still puts things inside the quote markdowns.

[quote=“misswillowinlove, post:1045, topic:38213”]
Share button? Am I again

[quote=“misswillowinlove, post:1045, topic:38213”]
Share button? Am I again not seeing what is in front of me?


See this is why us creative types need focus and direction.



Done and done!
Didn’t really learn anything that I hadn’t figured out on my own through lots of trial and error (and questions to other members), but at least now I am ‘official’. :rofl:

What’s next? What’s next? Just kidding, I am not exactly looking for badge-shaped itches to scratch, but if they come my way, so be it.







That’s probably true for a lot of us despite everyone would have been PM’d to learn all of this as soon as we joined Discussions.

How much less trial and error or asking questions could have been saved if we had just done things in order, I didn’t do the tutorials until a year later! :rofl:

This badge, like the tutorial badges, is another that requires the user to do certain task to get it. (another one I didn’t do until a year later :stuck_out_tongue:) whereas the other badges are gained through participation in Discussions.


Exactly. Oh well, maybe learning it on my own makes me appreciate it more. Learning a new skill is always time well spent. This is not my first foray into an online discussion forum, so some basics are pretty universal. Earning badges, however, is a new and entertaining phenomenon.


Wow, you’re really speeding through everything we veterans had to grovel, run around for hours, bang closed doors and shed blood, sweat and tears for (kidding!) :joy:

also, could someone please tell me where this gif is from? it’s so cute! :heart_eyes::sweat_smile:

#1055 I think, according to the name in the left corner, it’s this one :slight_smile:


Thank you! I don’t have my Hangul keyboard on this device and it made me feel so helpless being able to read the name in the corner but unable to find the drama with english keywords :sweat_smile:


I just googled sireul ijeun geudaeege :joy: And that gave me the link I posted. Romanizing things works sometimes


Businesses USA

And for some reason I have been in and out of JAIL for TWO DAYS :purple_heart: