Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


I noticed this thread only needed one more ‘like’ to reach 10, so I went ahead and gave it to @misswillowinlove, but then I went to her profile and saw that she already had that badge anyway. Oh well, now she has two.


She had it for another topic.
Focus, focus, focus :eyes:

You can get it more than once! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: but for different topics.


Yeah, I saw the ‘2’ next to the badge name on her profile.


Now that’s weird, how did she get it before with only 9 :heart:s? 🪄 Magic?:rofl:





Granted 2h NICE SHARE Badge

[Viki Community Team] February 2021 Updates - Editor Role Coming Soon!



Whoo Hoo! This one was really hard to get, given that as a male in a forum populated mostly by females it was really hard to find things to heart that didn’t involve how phwaaaar :heart_eyes: a male actor/Kpop singer is.
First 1-40 ish was ok but after that it was really hard to find anything new for the other 10+, hearting the most trivial of things, it made me feel a little disingenuous at times but Fake it till you make it! :sunglasses:
God, I’m such a badge ho garden hoe.


You finally made it!


Hahahahaaha :rofl:

Now I’m questioning your heasrts :sob:
Hahaha nah, joking :stuck_out_tongue:
Congrats :smile:


I have not been around in a while! I have not gotten a badge in a while!!!



Wow, I hadn’t received a badge in a really long time either, but today I got a ‘Nice Share’



축하 해요!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: @adrianmorales!!
You got one of the harder to get :name_badge: badges!!


Well, I am a bit of a celebrity around here. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:



Received Given Topics Replies Viewed Read Visits
\ 45x45


Regular 20.0k 11.5k 56 9.2k 684 26.6k 343

the obnoxiousness hit 20.0 K hearts :heart:
I really didn’t do it on purpose



I thought you would LAUGH!!!


Talk about hitting only homeruns!

It’s maddenly funny :rofl:



Well Done! :blush:

A fait Accompli!


Agree. A true devotee.:+1:

Wowee! What a dedicated devotee!
Congrats! :rose: