Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


Just looked at the link meta.discourse, does anyone know how or tried to print or save in pfd all of your own posts/replies, is it even possible? - If not, I will explore this question on the meta.discourse. Tx. I think this could make a funny little recap of what one has written. It happens to me that some folks “like” a very old post of mine, so I go and read it and I go “I did write that”! :rofl:


If you use Download All in your Discussion profile
it sends a spreadsheet of all your posts, the text of each post, etc. It even list PM’s


OMG, it’s there and even in bold! I’ve never paid attention to that nor wondered what it’s for! :rofl: I will have many papers to print or save if I go back to 2013 when I started.
Thank you very much for your help!! My kids will thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m thinking to make a memory lane booklet. :star_struck:

PS Until this thread started I wasn’t aware this Discussions forum was provided by discourse. I thought it was provided by Viki. Learning more about it, I’m realizing that RViki is actually paying for this program, quite a lot, meaning that while we are having “blast” chatting away here, behind the stage someone paid for it. - Must also be the case with disqus.

There is also a blog if anyone is interested.


Funny you should ask. A website I found this morning (my US EDST time) called Japan Trend Shop offers these lovely snax. You may have all that you desire and share at the same time. The wrappers and labels also can serve as cross-topic badges, i.e., Who Said It Sweetest (about Hotties, Cuties, or Sweeties, the child actors who are currently showing so much promise) or Who Found the Yummiest Food Porn in an Asianese Drama. (If we want to be truly inclusive and ethnicity-neutral, that is perhaps the inclusive-est term, no?)

Currently thanks to a miscommunication with a bank that supposedly closed out my account two months ago, I discovered yesterday I still have an outstanding overdraft balance that needs to be paid off in annoying though small installments. My own real snax budget has been repurposed and will not include any of these amazing items, but I will still enjoy every virtual bite . . .


알았어. . . (al-ass-eo. . .) Okay. . . (I love the way this sounds in the Korean accent, in the accepting it’s true tone). 알았어 나도 알아 (al-ass-eo nado al-a) Okay, I know it too. . . I even tried inputting my own link, of what the email should be, it was fun trying. Thinking, maybe I’ll outsmart, or trick the system into processing something that does not exist. I need more smarts.


I appreciate the snacks, but apparently I’m going to need actual meals at this point. Even after my reported 14-hour sentence, I came back on, handed out 1 heart - 1 - and was told I had used up all my hearts already. I surrender.




Well, you have come to the right place to lament the cruelty of the heart jail. Thanks to the probings of your fellow inmates, they have the jail system mapped out in the scratching of their cell walls with a rusty spoon handle. The precious information they left for you is that you have 50 hearts per day, a day being 24 hours from the time you gave the like (heart). How many is still counted as within the 24 hours is available from your Discussions profile, Activity, Likes Given. You want to look at the time on the right that tells you how many hours ago it was given, the ones you want to take note of are when they will reach 24 hours (1 day) before they drop off the other end of being counted in your daily heart count. Looking at your stats you went wild with the likes up to 17 hours ago, so if you can maintain being sparing with the dishing out of likes as you appear to be doing for a few more hours, you should get a large chuck of hearts back as they drop off the count.
Unlike @kdrama2020ali who despite our attempts to help her stay out of heart jail, proved beyond help as she insist on burning the candle at both ends because she can’t resist pressing the button.


I have been in JAIL for like 2 or 3 days! Off and On! And now I’m down to 2 hours of a 4 hour jail!


What an elegant description of such a tedious task. So it’s like a running 24-hour clock? It’s not like, ‘here, you get 50 from 10:00 am to 10:00 am’ (so at every 10:00 am you get a full basket of 50 new hearts), but instead it’s, you’ve used 50, now you don’t get anymore until it’s been 24 hours since the time of the first of those 50, and that’s why I can randomly use another one here and there? Am I even making sense? Maybe just as much sense as the existence of heart jail in the first place?

Nevertheless, thank you for letting me know where to find the evidence of my heart-related crimes. I didn’t realize I would need logistics training in order to efficiently show my love to my fellow discussion board members.


I still have two hours to go, and it’s driving me stir-crazy. [Being “in stir” is American idiom for being in jail, and being stir-crazy means being driven insane by confinement.]

@kdrama2020ali is one tough sister, let me tell ya!




@lutra @misswillowinlove @ninjas_with_onions @my_happy_place
You guys make it WORSE for this ADHD Perfectionist girl to not be able to Heart you Guys!


that I can’t help myself, just like you want to …


i can’t help it that I’m just so ‘likeable’! :wink::laughing::sunglasses:


That reminded me of something, oh dear the 80s



@lutra @my_happy_place


That is entirely Badger-worthy.


I just did quite a bit of resisting myself, take a look for yourselves (。:heart::heart:。)✧*。Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!