Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


It’s just such a riot :rofl::rofl::joy::joy::rofl: and how :woman_shrugging:t5::woman_facepalming:t5: how does this sytem manage to receive -2 :heart: hearts? :joy::rofl:

We are The Badgers!! :drum::drum:🪘 :trumpet: :saxophone: :joy: brings to mind a school marching band.


I just upgraded to the latest version of Gimp which I have comfortably used since 2005. Vector graphics have their advantages for sure, but I want to learn Blender animation software before I tackle vector graphics.

Yes, that’s right. In typical maknae fashion, do too much at one time, do it badly, pay for all the issues my rashness causes . . . but, depending on the sex of the maknae, end up with the promise of my own Subway franchise or part ownership (with my distinguished hubs) of a European-style bistro, tailor shop, graphic design firm . . . or all three.

There’s a method in the maknae’s madness . . .

@vivi_1485, you look skeptical. You are banned from my restaurant!”

(Viki screen cap, A Good Dinner)


If we all send System (aka Xiao Tam) email, is there a chance one of us will get the coveted Email Badge?

What do you think, @ninjas_with_onions?

(from Xiao Tam YouTube channell)


Definitely, love it! We are sassy, classy, and blingy!

Heidelberg High School is pretty awesome. I think K-pop bands would get a workout going head to head with this group.

BTS and Blackpink in American high school band outfits . . . I can definitely see that!


Nope, there is no way to get the first reply by e-mail badge. I went to the’s own forum to do a little digging and it seems the admin for Viki’s Discussion board can enable or disable the reply by email feature. For enabling that feature, it’s not just a case of ticking a box somewhere and it just works but also involves setting up and configuring an e-mail account or using the Discourse API.


We Are The Badgers!

:notes:We are the champion my friend! :notes:

:notes:We got to fight! We got to fight! Fight for our rights!:notes:


Time to send Discobot and cousin Xiao Tam some grumpy energy. Why put the whole Peking duck in the takeaway shop window and then say, “Oh, no, that’s just to give the place some atmosphere!”


I love Calvin, & Hobbs. :rofl::rofl::joy: I lived for them in the weekend gleaner :jamaica: comics section on a sunday after church.

Glazed, glazed, and glazed again :yum::rofl:


In some ways, Bob Marley did his career no big favors by adopting the Rastafarian religion that came out of Jamaica in the 1930s.

However, his music truly is subtle, sophisticated, passionate, and very human. I have always hated the smell of marijuana (smells to me like burned peas, a horrible smell in my book), but Bob Marley is an amazing poet, no doubt about it.


I lived a sheltered life growing up in :jamaica:

Unaffected by the choices he made for his life

Now when I’m walking the streets of New York City, the legality of it, makes it stinks up most blocks, regardless of the neighborhood.


I just got admonished that I have used up my likes and have to wait 21 hours. Guilty as charged, your honor, of “like-farming” and trying to sway innocent Badgers into hugging and frolicking and sharing emojis and whatnot.

Wow. The danger to civilization as we know it cannot be calculated. I must now write the endless self-reflection essay . . .





I’ll be joining you for the next 14 hours. Does this heart jail provide any good snacks?


Should I, or shouldn’t I? :woman_facepalming:t5: :joy: :woman_shrugging:t5: :rofl:
Update - the @ system is not in the system :smile:


Is this it!? :bulb:🪄 :tophat::grey_question::grey_exclamation:

I came here directly from my email, hit the reply button here. :smile: Still riding that :water_buffalo:

Trying to catch, a wave into shore. :rofl: Insane!


ooh I used to learn CGI modelling with this software! I really loved it, so sad I had to give it up to focus on my studies :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks for the post, I’ve watched many of her videos before, I’m not sure if someone posted one in the “Do you cook” post. But it’s very relaxing to watch and I kinda envy what she can all grow, although it’s the fruit of hard labor. Nature gives us a lot, but depending where you live it can be different.


oh my goodness, I love this channel! It really feels like she’s from some other era and I’m entering Dramaland :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: such beautiful shots, scenes and clothes! Thanks for helping me find her!

ended up looking through her online store and I’m literally DROOLING over the clothes! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s a plant including hemp of many benefits, but pot (marijuana) just stinks like a skunk, it’s so horridly pungent that it gives me a headache… ever drove on a highway and the smell of a skunk creeped in? I had many skunks around my house… they are cute, but if they stink they stink.

When I was 17 I went to a Supertramp concert and folks in the row in front of me were smoking pot, it was so overwhelming, I got such a bad headache that I remember still today…


Clicking on the blue “Visit Topic” button takes you out of the email system.
(It say Visit Message here but also applies to Visit Topic)
Without the email reply mailbox being set up, you do not get the bits highlighted as a way back to topics via email and recorded as such in the database.