Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?


SIGgie!!! HE HE - not she but it’s too funny:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

I miss DOOM so much!


Snatching hearts again, this tho’ :joy::+1:t5:


I’m in JAIL again!


HA! You deserve it for being such a meanie. I got plenty :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: to give to my SIGee boy, and a song just perfect for him. He belongs to me.


LOL @kdrama2020ali
Therefore, an 80s hairdo, you must know that back then hairspray still had CFC in it. We called it “Beton-Spray” - Concrete-Spray. You might ask why? Just look at her hair, it only moves all together.


Wanted Dead or ALIVE



LOL Bon Jovi answer :wink:
On a sidenote, gosh, I was sweet 16 back then.


Here is your heart - still in JAIL

Hope you and anyone you know are still SAFE


My heart :heart: has been snatched again!



I’m checking on you I hope you and everyone are OK over there in that crazy weather that is causing so many problems!


As I said before, I live almost 200 km away, the Ahr Valley is located more northern. We “only” had rain this week in German “ergiebiger Regen” in English it says - continuous heavy rain, but nothing in comparison to the effected areas. Right now, you could say we are getting our first sun rays of the week. 3 hours ago we still had a thunderstorm warning, but it didn’t even rain, so it’s all good.
Next week should bring more friendly weather, they say.

If I am less commenting at the moment, that’s because life is busy, and I have so many things to take care of … Hopefully things will be a bit better soon.


The striking similarity.
The discussion user :heart: hearts received, equates to :+1:t5: thumbs up, and :heart: hearts given equates to :-1:t5: thumbs down. The same used on Viki’s show reviews. See jpegs below, and link for full reviews.

Above, @ub_574 has 26 :-1:t5: thumbs down, pushing the review below @rosi_estremera, who only has 16 :-1:t5:thumbs down. This is regardless of who has the most :+1:t5: thumbs up, as is clearly pictured (*❛‿❛) ☞ :point_up_2:t5:

So, 🦧 :thinking: :thought_balloon: :smirk: everytime you move the conversation forward, by giving a heart :heart: :sweat_smile::laughing::joy: you’re actually giving yourself a :-1:t5: thumbs down! Each :heart: heart received, is someone giving you a :+1:t5: thumbs up! :smiley: !


@my_happy_place and I have figured this out! See me! See where I am! She has overtaken me because we kept giving each other hearts! And you know I like my spot! 8.1 K bahahahahahaha! Competitive I am!


But I like “hearting” things!!! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

We are in direct competition most days!

And because @frustratedwriter is on hiatus


I noticed the similarity while replying to @vivi_1485, on angelight313_168’s topic on “Reviews thumbs up, and thumbs down, and why they are used.”


So on show reviews! The thumbs down drives me nuts though. Unless the review is super horrible why do people do that! It looks to me like some go in and don’t even read and just vote things down. All the reviews with plain hearts! Thumbs down - like write a review right??


I need to new badge to go after - I have not gotten one in a while! Anything GOOD???


Haa! Ha! I give those hearters a break, plus the person could be only 13 years old ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

I’ve tried going after the “Community” badges for promoter, campaigner, and champion. Absolutely no one has those :ok_hand:t5: no one!


:joy::joy: I didn’t realize this. I just really like spreading the love. :purple_heart:
You have way more hearts to give per day than I do, so get busy. hahaha


I don’t ever vote down a review - cuz I hate it when they do it to me- people take time to review - then that’s their opinion!