Beautiful covers on Viki ☮


What are beautiful covers that caught your eyes?

The last one who made me O.O was the English cover for Sparrow designed by Xiennora (thank you!!)


Wow, intriguiging… and full of suspension… and I noticed the description in the cover page words with “i” are with “o” is there any purpose in it? (Orogonal Totle…)
I have yet to find time to try out what you sent me Piranna :blush:

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I think they’re just capital i’s, like cursive style. They do look like o’s though, haha.
I really like the ember-y effect on the text for Sparrow’s cover.

Of course, if we’re talking about nice covers, @tompark definitely deserves a shoutout for consistently good work. It’s a very distinguishable style, and I love the bold, bright colors and the effort in theme-ifying (and thus unifying?) the cover :heart_eyes:


:blush: I had to expand to see it better, now it looks to me like a capital J but from far it looks like an unfinished O what font are these :sweat_smile: .

Other Cover Page artists I appreciate their work are: @martafernandes, @serenasf95 and @mizu1987 :heart_eyes:

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I know ^^
But the original post was asking for beautiful covers, so I thought he deserved a mention too.

Wow! Amazing job!

I get it, he’s taking now either a break or left completely… :astonished:

It doesn’t make sense because it does looks like an ‘‘O’’ and there’s no way to be related to an ‘‘I’’ no matter what ‘‘font’’ they’ve used.

It’s definitely wrong and needs to be corrected. I have no doubt is one of the most beautiful cover page I’ve seen here at viki. Let’s make it a perfect 10 and make that ‘‘I’’ look like an, i not an O/o. After all, is in the English language so it should be spelled (fixed) correctly.

I know something can be worked out there.

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@babyinspritestar1 makes AWESOME cover pages as well! Check out the one for Sister is Alive!


Awwww, thank you Unni!

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I just had a look at his profile. Yes, tompark says he’s gone and won’t be returning back. That’s really shocking news.
On the other hand, there are shows like Chicago Typewriter and Radiant Office where he is the only Channel Manager, he hasn’t given another person co-manager position before leaving. What will happen to those?

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Is really nice, I like it too. I am glad they are making better covers on viki front page.

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that’s very questionable but perhaps he’s working on something, to me it’s somewhat unexpected but rumors say otherwise… well that’s life, can’t say more… hard to imagine he’s giving all that up…

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I mean, if you compare the I/O’s to the actual O’s (both uppercase and lowercase) that also appear, they definitely look different. Cursive I’s often look like J’s to me, but with enough loopiness(?), they can probably look like O’s.

Perhaps an alternate font could be substituted? @xiennora

Don’t know about rumors, but it’s definitely sad to see familiar members decide to leave, whatever the reason. Moving on to greener pastures hopefully, at least.


It’s not listed but I think he has given the channels he currently manages to people in the team such as the chief editor or eng mod.

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CT has a Co-CM tess6 who’s running the channel awesomely :slight_smile:. RO has a Co-CM mirna023_316 who’s on-hand and will run the channel if licensed. So, all is well, although I hope tompark is just on a hiatus.

I’m glad that both Co-CMs are giving tompark due credit by leaving his ID alone, rather than deleting it. Kudos.

I binged through the drama Sparrow over a long weekend when it first came out at QQ, and looking at the cover wall design on Viki now…Wow! It is too beautiful! It’s beautifully eerie @xiennora :wink: Kudos.


it does look very pretty!!