Beautiful Traditional Chinese Music, Songs, OST

A Few Traditional Chinese Songs, What are your Favorite Traditional Chinese OST/ Songs

大鱼 (Big Fish) by 周深
Eternal Love Ending Song Liang Liang by Yang Zongwei and Zhang Bichen
牽絲戲 by 銀臨 & Aki阿杰 QIAN SI XI
By 約書亞樂團, Upbeat Song with Traditional style (My Personal Favorite)


I have a few nice ones to:

The longest day in chang’an

The Untamed : Life is like a stranger

The Untamed : Dream

The legend of Qin:

Ever Night Season 1 *male version

Ever night season 2

/ its not OST but still amazing songs

Coaching tiger, hidden dragon movie: composer: Yoyo ma: Silk Road

I dont know if this song belongs to any drama tv show but that Kidd has the most beautiful voice ever

And some nother song’s I personally very much like

some other nice songs:

I have many more nice songs but im already afraid I necromanced a very old tread so, so sorry but enjoy some nice music, yes? :3


Beautiful music, I enjoyed the ones I listened to as OSTs