Beauty at any Age

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Respect !! 89 years old and that sporty (word?)…my mum neverr got that old , let alone doing sports.
I´m afraid I´m a couch potato myself (hence watching so many dramas, k and j dramas.


I took my grandson 5,5 to a huge indoor trampoline and sports complex for kids ( in the evening for adults only) it was crazy, I jumped as well and went down those high up slides… after 1 hour I was done, I’m over 60… those kids had so much energy almost like in trance running all over the place like mice… I don’t do regularly exercise but have 3 flights of stairways to my apartment and work a lot in my garden and hauling material. I ride my bike in summer or swim.

But as you see this 89 years old lady’s upper leg muscles, this you can only achieve with either good genes and/or regular exercise. There is also this old lady in US who does weight lifting…

Exercise is good for your body, muscles, mind and your heart. It gives you more oxygen and all kind of hormones, relieves stress and ev. depression also. So overall at any age regular exercise will help you in many ways :laughing:

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You said it @simi11, your share is so wholesome!

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Health, and Beauty