Before the Covid-19, where did you travel to?


Before the Covid-19, I went to Evansville and Memphis a few times, and I also went to see my former foster mom in Nashville 2-3 times. Now that the Covid-19 has taken over, I am at home 99.9% of the time. If I leave the house, it is to check the mail, go to the store with my mom or my bible study teacher, or go to my bible study teacher’s house. I am working on Khan Academy, a site to work on Math, Science, and other school topics. I do 6-8 hours on the week days and my breaks are on the weekends. I am also doing Letter writing. I am writing to people and I hadn’t done letter writing since I was 8-10 years old. The Covid-19 is bringing back a lot of old style methods like gmail, letter writing and such. Of course, Video chat apps are getting put to use as well.

Where did you guys travel to before the Covid-19? What have you been lately?


I went to Mexico


My last holiday was to Japan and for this year I was either planning on going to New York City or to Stockholm, Vienna or Dublin which are closer to home and still on my bucket list travel wise.

I do not include the trips to Amsterdam or other places in The Netherlands.


Southern Caribbean early this year.

Still hunkering down until this plague goes away :tired_face:


In 2019 I was in Greece on holidays :blush:
(Hi form Poland hahah) …so :confused: it’s been a while :frowning:


lets see, from home to church,back home, from home to store to back home, from home to visiting relatives and back home, then from bedroom to livingroom, from living room to kitchen, think that covers my “travels” hehehehehehehe

solmeone reminded me of my other “travels” I researched genealogy, family trees, history traveled all around the wor5ld without leaving my chair! cool huh? yes gotta put I watch the dramas, from historical to today, . to time travel too! hey and not left my chair, !!


You forgot you travel in times with genealogy and history, and you discover some places with people you don’t know when you watch dramas :stuck_out_tongue: That’s another kind of travel, no need to pay for a plane ticket!


Wow, that’s a beautiful answer right there! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


OH yes! thanks for reminding me!!