Bela, a Feia and other Brazilian telenovelas

Hi All,

I have noticed a lack of Brazilian telenovelas on Viki. Are there any? I have only seen fan channels for a few and no vids. Anyone know why? I don’t speak Portuguese but I have been fortunate in the past to see Bela, a Feia (one of the international versions of Betty, la fea or la Fea Mas Bella) and Da Cor Do Pecado and both were excellent. I have put in a request for Bela, a Feia so I hope it can happen. I know there is enough interest so why are there so few channels?

I want know about it too.

Unfortunately, these are even harder to find on YT, now. I will keep requesting because, you never know. I think the last Brazilian telenovela that I saw was Duas Caras. That was a while some time ago. I have no idea what is good and new in the genre.

Hi, I’m Brazilian! I haven’t watched a lot of Brazilian novelas since I started watching Asian dramas but if you have the chance try “Avenida Brasil”, it’s not so recent but it was a big hit at that time. I think it’s really hard to find it subtitled but here’s the link where you can watch in Portuguese…