Best board games 🀄


What are your favorite board games? We might want to try them too!

Trivial Pursuit
Cards Against Humanity (funny answers to a specific phrase with cards you are given)

Black Dog
Settlers of Catan
Café International
Kribbeln (with dices)
NochMal (with dices)

Not a board game but card game:

I have them all at home but also play them online on a german (but multilingual) board game portal.

It is not the board game, but if you know the rules well, you can always win

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I love blackjack!!! During our car trips, we often played card games such as Blackjack :slight_smile: nice memories!

I’ve been trying new multiplayer games such as Unlock! (Escape cardgame) and Adventurers of the rails (build a train line).
I recommend Unlock! Even for 2 players, but you need a phone to install the app (there is a countdown and a ba-thump song). You can travel with it.
Adventurers, for more than 2 players, it is really fun!

I’ve been wanting to buy a straregy game with ressources to manage, but I don’t know which one would do!

Have you tried pokemon go?


Do you mean as a board game or is it about the phone app?

I downloaded the phone game for 1 day while traveling with cousins who introduced me to this game. The player has to move around in real life and catch pokemon.
When I began, the nearest pokemon to catch was a Charizard, which was a definite no-no, except if I was just suicidal XD
There were some articles about people who got into an accident playing this game because they didn’t look around while crossing the street for ex.

When I travel, I’m quite focused on playing the tourist and discovering the surroundings, so I don’t have the opportunity to play phone games, because my eyes are looking elsewhere XD

In daily life, when I get the time to play, it’s often late at night or when I come back home.
Pokemon Go is asking players to travel or cross the street or move around to find a pokemon (and then the level pb). It’s not a game I can play anytime for ex at midnight.
I like pokemon, good memories in my childhood, but the concept of moving around, cross the street to play the game or to think about it when I’m outside is not compatible with my life, so I can’t play this game XD

:thinking: When I have guests at home, I prefer board games to play together with other relatives or friends. Like a moment dedicated only to that.
If it’s a game to play when I don’t have guests, mmm… I suppose I would turn to phone/console/computer games! Yup!