Best cdramas of 2017 so far

I am just curious as to everyone’s favorite cdramas so far. I was looking forward to The General and I, but that was disappointing. For me, Three Lives Three Worlds is the best drama so far. Really well done adaptation. If it follows the book like it has been doing so far, I think it will be one of my all time favorite cdramas.

Which ones are your favorite?

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For me the best C-drama of 2017 in my mind is “Stay with me” of Joe Chen

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maria_v_2…Chinese ‘‘Candle in the Tomb’’ awesome!!! Indiana Jone’s type but even better bc it made me jump from fear. I love that feeling lol


I heard good things about it. I think I will give it a try.

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The General And I is worth a look for Wallace Chung - and the cast except for Angelbaby. He’s come such a long way. And the plot was better than Princess Wei Young.

I really think the best dramas are yet to come this year. One I have the fan channel for waiting for a license is said to be VERY good - The Glory of Tang Dynasty. Another that MIGHT be as good as NIF (!) is the Advisors Alliance. (I also have the channel hoping for a license).

I have 15 minute trailers for each of those posted on the pages, they do come up on the search. The trailer is posted in the comments area because you cannot load them where they belong - scroll down and you will see them. (And because we cannot load them where they belong on the page, we also cannot sub them. :frowning: apologies on that.).

GOTD is currently airing and getting good reviews. AA…is by RUMOR being pushed FORWARD on the planned airing schedule…(!) in a world where C dramas sit around for years to be aired, this one clearly is not going to sit. (Chang Ge Xing - Singing all along - sat for 3 years to be aired)…

I would really like to see both and yeah, my dream is to RUN both of these :slight_smile: I shall not mind being VERY busy if we get them! :slight_smile:

Isn’t it something though when you watch a trailer and you get goosebumps? or think WOW…can’t wait to see that one? :slight_smile:

Licenses…we need licenses…! General and I, Wei Young, neither of them got licenses…we can only hope the awesome ones still on the table happen!

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
The reasons to watch really great Chinese Dramas…it’s like the bakery window…wow…LOOOOK! :slight_smile:

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I agree we really need more licenses of good dramas. Viki gets a lot of C type dramas. I started General and I, but stopped around ep. 12. I am thinking if I should continue it. I love Wallace Chung, but the story felt so draggy and I just didn’t get why they liked each other.
I am looking forward to Tribes and Empires, Princess Agents, and Legend of RuYi.

warning: this post may be both humorous and spoiler-iffic. You have been WARNED…muhahaha!

I have said that the biggest problem with General and I is Angelbaby. This is her second rather passionless performance when paired up with men who really can bring the house down.

Where she frustrated me first was Love Yunggye from the Desert - aka A Song in the Clouds, the sequel supposedly to Sound of the Desert - Da Mo Yo. Let’s just say she was NO threat to Liu Shi Shi in that follow up. Worse than that? Lu Yi is burdened with Angelbaby’s less than helpful performance. Does that stop him? Uh no. He puts in HIS work, oh yes. Lu Yi is worth watching, in that misery of poor writing (and spoiler…when he goes…well…YEAH.). It’s not a mystery why in Legend of Qin he then upstages the cast as well. (laughing) - paired up with Michelle Chen easily the best of that series :slight_smile: I rewatch their romance… Yeah I love that guy…Anyway - Angelbaby is very fairylike but not very good at acting. Not the worst.

SO what do we get here with General and I? Oh we get another story starting IN THE DESERT so…somebody brightly casts HER again. And we get the same lack of passion. This time? paired up with TWO men who clearly yes, can bring the heat. (shaking head). And she does the same thing she did in Song in the Clouds - pretty much take up space. Give us Ruby Lin and this becomes amazing. Ariel Lin in her prime. Does NOT have to be ravingly beautiful - MICHELLE CHEN! What it takes is some intelligence, some passion, to bring this role as a female Kongming to any meaning at all. Dress Angelbaby in white - so what. We go into mourning for what MIGHT HAVE BEEN in this drama.

The surprise IS Wallace Chung. Seriously. What happened, he can ACT! AND wow. He can also KISS. HE is worth watching. I mean…I have Demigods here, working on that as the CM. So far - he’s interesting but not the man is has BECOME in General and I. CLEARLY come through as an actor.

I have seen the whole thing BUT I admit to scanning through 3 episodes in the 50’s because I can’t take Angelbaby’s er, avoidance of HIM any more. It is an interesting story in several places - and there are some interesting performances - the other jilted beau, the Impossible-beau as I term the second lead, does a VERY nice job… We also get back our Da Ge Killing KING from Chang Ge Xing as another dubious and fatuous monarch…that guy is getting typecast.

Anyway - the bottom line about General and I? 9.0. Because Wallace Chung is worth the look. With a better actress, this story gets more interesting - AND this plot is better over 62 eps than Princess WY’s was… And what on earth is wrong with Angelbaby’s lips? the last 10 eps something seemed well, ODD there. Who knows (throwing up hands).

This one goes into my stack of “for want of help on the distaff, the men go crying”. Worst one of those recently was…Chronicle of Life, where Lau Hawick LABORS with the albatross that is ZS. BEAUTIFULLY FILMED. Men give great lead performances, ALL the other performances are yes, THERE…our Emperor has YOU crying…but she gives us the usual ZS hapless block of stone and there we are, coal in our stocking… :frowning: she can destroy even Lau Hawick…from uh 9.5 range to 8.0. You actually hope they will not stop hitting her for destroying the drama! (okay NOT REALLY but you know what I mean. You don’t cry, laugh, nothing with her. :frowning: ) Ice Fantasy, with Victoria Song’s FLINCH (gasp!) when the HIGHLY kissable and kissing Ka Suo comes in…yeah. AND the editing job that screwed up and did NOT somehow fix that for us…(shaking head). Talk about BUZZ KILL! And then the monument to despair and destruction, Zhao Yun, or rather, ZY’s Dysfunctional Doubly-dreadful Girlfriend. It was NEVER about LGX. The CGI tiger had it better.

My wish list runs heavy this year - I would LOVE to run Glory of Tang Dynasty and see it, it is a bit of fluff but fun from all reports - trailer looks very inviting. The Advisors Alliance, I HAVE to see. I want to run it too! Tribes, yes, I MUST see that one too…Princess Agent - maybe. Ru Yi iF Huo Wallace is having a usual HUO day…oh very yes. Because he’s paired with another lady who can ACT… :slight_smile:

All I REALLY lack on that list is HU GE in a historical. Okay. Lu YI also. I mean. LGX. A second incarnation of SH with all the best men in it AND someone who can hold her own with the whole pack. :slight_smile:

Good topic. :slight_smile: I HOPE we get the best ones, and enjoy this year. the buffet may be OPEN! :slight_smile:

GeNie of the Lamp cooough…gasp! SIGH POOF! tissues drifting on the breeze trailing…

Wallace Chung can hard carry pretty much any drama. I was still disappointed in General and I. Angelababy works in movies, but I think in dramas it is much harder for her to pull it off.

HuGe will be taking a break from the ent world for some time so no HuGe drama any time soon :cry:
I agree that having two actors who can act even a little, not a lot just a little is a must. Also, if you are going to have kiss scenes, please put your heart on it. It really kills me when one of the actors visually looks uncomfortable with the kiss, if you are suppose to be in love I need to believe you. Looks at ZS.

I hope we get license for some of the new historical dramas. I have been disappointed with Viki this year, all the cdramas that they got are C level cdramas.

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that woman…NIIII!!!

the reason love weaves through a millennium - I COULD NOT FINISH IT. HER. the two eps that in the Korean drama are cute? a horror show with her. The men were good. the second girl - awesome. okay the manager was too much but what a disaster. yeah. my notes on that are depressing. and i even liked the plot line.

Chronicle of Life, what a sad story. Lau Hawick. oh man he’s good in that, everybody else is good. The filming is spectacular! but we get ZS and it all just DIES like a fish out of water.

I hear she’s the “love interest” (CHOKE) again of Lau Hawick for the next one. :frowning: alas…cruel fate…

What is coming this year though - wow. If we get even HALF of what is the best coming out - the buffet will be OURS, my friends.

Preserve us from singers who think they can act…(they can’t)…ZS…and other plagues…and give us AA, Glory, Tribes, Ruyi, many good things in our world. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: to my fellow fan Maria :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut
(here’s hoping Hu Mama can come up with something magnificent for us…historical…again…worth…the wait!! :slight_smile: we love you, Hu Ge. :slight_smile: rest well…and dream of another great role. :slight_smile: )

Agree with you no matter what country the drama is from, the kissing scene is a very important part of it. We are falling in love with this love scene but come that kiss and the disappointment is so painful to say the least.

There are many ways to play a kiss scene that can look real w/o much effort. It’s such a turn off to feel the male or female actor ‘‘force’’ a kiss scene and his/her feeling overflow in their faces. I see that happening a lot when they get married or are in a relationship where their partner is possessive and jealous insecure person. I always say if you are putting restriction in your acting don’t do it then. An actor/Actress chose that career and nothing should overshadow an acting scene.

When LMJ got married her husband did many of the kissing scenes and they were so awesome (passionate)! But of course, the scenes were done at a distance (no close up) Only one or two kissing scenes were done with the main actor with close up. But it was really great to see bc it was done so perfect you can’t tell it was the husband and not the actor in the drama.

I have the same opinion viki site needs to ‘‘resuscitate’’ something is dying here. I see this happening in other sites and the next thing you see is the site gone. With the licensing issue or having issues with the film company the dramas offered here are scarce.

Then we have good Chinese dramas but most are just a front up page no videos, team subs etc… etc.
Day in Day out they request you to please fill the for for license and i ask myself what for? so we can see an empty page? waiting months some even years. Yesterday i was watching a drama it had comments begging to have english subs in them from 3 years back!

The same thing is happening in USA very little to watch on TV and what’s there is not worth watching. I use to be able to sit down and watch movies with my kids and we talked, laughed and argue about the drama/movie but we can’t do that anymore. Is a shame that the film Industry no longer cares about its viewers but how much money they can make with a crappy sex filled or violent scenes production.


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I get so frustrated nowadays with some shows and movies. The random sex scenes in movies is really frustrating. It is obvious they were just like somewhere in here there must be sex, who cares about logic. I think if there is a kiss scene it should include both actors trying to get into their character. If you like someone you are going to kiss them, not be a wall while they kiss you. I rather have no kiss scene than get that, which really kills it for me.

Yeah, idk how Viki gets dramas. Some of the dramas they are getting I doubt anyone requested them, let alone more people that would have requested an anticipated drama. They are just getting cheap dramas that no one wants to sub and then few people are interested in watching them.


I do hope they get some of the good dramas like Tribes and Ruyi. If not they should get some interesting old dramas that have not been subbed like Banshu Legend. It frustrates me when they get really low quality dramas.


maria_v_2 Totally agree…:slight_smile:

My favorite 2 C-dramas are When A Snail Falls in Love and Medical Examiner Dr Qin… I loved the Dr Qin cast since they each had their own unique personality and way of solving crimes… Dr Qin is a goregoeus, highly intelligent, doesn’t show his emotions, is a workaholic and has an ego but he slowly starts to change after he begins working with his new assistant Li Da. Bao and his only friend police detective Lin Tao… Li Da Bao is quirky, smart, observant, hard working medical assistant who can handle the most gruesome crime scene and not even flinch… She has a super sense of smell the comes in handy when investigating crime scenes and examining bodies… she and Lin Tao have the best comedic chemistry ( like a bromance except with a guy and girl) and helped add comedy to a very serious drama that can also be very graphic in some scenes… Lin Tao is a gorgeous and funny police detective who is the only person that can tolerate Dr Qin’s strange personality and often has to work as a go between for the police and medical examiner when Dr Qin fights with the police all the time since he is trying to investigate a crime his dad was convicted of in the past and his dad’s death…When A Snail Falls in Love also has a great cast with one of my favorite Chinese actors Wang Kai and Wang Zi Wen who also starred together in Ode to Joy 1 and 2…Ji Bai ( Wang Kai) is a police detective in charge of Violent Crimes and Xu Xu ( Wang Zi Wen) is a criminal profiler who is his partner… They are polar opposites but they are successful at solving difficult crimes together… Bai starts to fall in love with Xu Xu but she doesn’t show emotions easily and doesn’t have much experience with dating so she is a little scared and slow to respond to him… I also like the character Yao Meng since she is a strong and confident woman who isn’t afraid to be both tough and feminine at the same time or compete against the men for a job or sports…I love the mix of cds fighting, mystery and romance… Another reason I like both of these shows is because the actors used their real voices ( not dubbed) so I can feel their emotions and also don’t get distracted with voices that don’t fit the person

Totally agree about General & I - GREAT drama I loved it and want to watch it again after a while. I’ve loved Wallace Chung since “Treacherous Waters.” - I sure wish Viki would sub that one.

My Number One pick for best C-drama so far this year is “10 Miles Of Peach Blossoms.” It’s got everything - one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen in any genre.

Up-coming, I’m hoping Viki will get “Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud” with one of the actors in “!0 Miles Of Peach Blossoms”,
Alan Yu. All the previews I’ve seen on Youtube look just dishy. :slight_smile: