Best Doramas

Hello, Please tell me which doramas are the best ever I have become a Huuuuuuge Fan of this website!!!

I have watched

-I miss you (First one I watched, I liked it but at some point it is repetitive but it is nice to watch)
-Roof Top Prince (The best one ever, love it 100%)
-Secret Graden (The second one that I love the most)
-Personal Taste (Great one, love it as well)
-Woman Scent (Cute, Sad, Funny, love it)
-Faith (Almost finish it)
-A witch Romance (In progress hehe I Love it so far)

Please recommend the best ones for you (Romance, comedy, Looove)

Hi :blush: I saw all the dramas that you write and I must say that I love Witch’s romance<3 , and the others were awesome. :smiley: I recomand you to see :
You’re beautiful,
Nine: 9 times travel,
Doctor Stranger,
Cunning single lady,
Good Doctor,
Marry him if you dare,
Emergency couple
The Innocent Man
The Greatest Love
Gu Family Book
Love Rain
Beautiful man
City hunter
Dream High 1 and 2

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Kamsahamnida!!! n_n I’ll do it for sure!!!

I would recommend you some of my favorites kdrama, even if aren’t just romantic and funny.

Queen In Hyun’s Man (romantic)
Chuno (this has more drama and action but is soooo good)
49 Days (drama)
A gentleman’s Dignity (Funny)
Coffee Prince
History of the SalaryMan
King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo (drama)
My name is Kim Sam Soon
I hear your Voice (drama)
Secrets (Bimil) -drama-
Reply 1997
Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Series on italics are here on viki. I don’t know the rest.

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Genre: drama / psychological /romance

Heartless City

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Good list. Tried hard to pick out some really good old ones so here goes.
Moon Embraces the sun
Beyond the clouds
Bride of the century
My Love from the star
3 Days
Gods Gift
Queen in Hyun’s Man ( on some sites it’s called Queen and I)
On Air Now.
Angel Eyes
Bad man
A new leaf
and of course you are watching Witch’s romance I think we are all enjoying this one.
The others here have included some more also but if you get through these you will be devoted like me.
Good luck.

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Based on your “dramastyle” I would recommand to you:

City Hall
Miss Korea
20’s - short drama 4 eps
Couple Fantasy
The King2Hearts
Protect the Boss

I tried not to make a recommandation that was already given, but if you want to know, which dramas from the others I like too. Just leave a comment.
I think you like like if it’s fun with some suspense but not too much, I hope there is something you will like^^

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Thanks a lot to everyone! I am so, happy!!! Now I have more to watch!!! (n_n)

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Only now I saw you said “comedy- romance”, so you prefer some light romantic drama :smile:
“Secret” and “Heartless City” are not light … but are good dramas , more for mature audience, not teens. “Heartless City” is quite noir-like suspense series , “Secret” is not so dark.

“The princess’s man” is my all time favorite drama. It has action, romance, drama, humor, best chemistry … You’ll definitely like it.

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I would recommend:

City Hunter
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Gu Family Book

And the most recent ones:
Doctor Stranger
My Love From Another Star

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light romantic drama you got it, n_n Thanks! I’ll watch The princess’s man as well.

you can try also a J-drama: Rich man , poor woman ( light romantic comedy)

I think you have enough drama for a month :smile:
From those above I liked in particulary Queen in Hyun’s Man, I hear your voice and Cunning single lady.

and a Chinese drama: Best time

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light romantic comedies

If you are under 18 years old:

- Dream high 1, 2 ( school , romance)
-Monstar (school, romance, drama)
- Playfull Kiss (romance, school, comedy)
-Mischievous Kiss, Love in Tokio- is the Japanese version of Playfull Kiss
- Sprout (j-drama, romance,comedy, teens)
-Gokusen ( j-drama,school,comedy)
- The Heirs (school, romance,drama)
-School 2013
- You are beautiful (k-drama, romance, teens)
Fabulous Boys (Taiwanese version of Your are beautiful)


If you are 18 - 25 years old:
-Sungkyunkwan Scandal (period drama, comedy, romance)
-My princess
-Full house
-Shining Inheritance

  • any many others who were written before.
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Hey :slight_smile:
These are my favourites, I would rewatch them anytime :slight_smile:

  1. City Hunter (I’ve seen it at least 4 times)
  2. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (seen it 2 times, really cute and heartbreaking at the end)
  3. King 2 Hearts (just finished, but I’ll definitely rewatch it a few times:) Not that typical Korean drama, I think it may be the best drama I’ve ever seen, but lot of people don’t like it. )
  4. The Heirs (2 times, but only because of Park Shyn Hye and Lee Min Ho)
  5. To the beautiful you (cute, 2 times as well :slight_smile: )
  6. Emergency Couple (First medical kdrama for me, loved it:) )
  7. Master’s Sun (funny :slight_smile: The main guy and his hand movements… :smiley: )
  8. My love from another star (the female lead is so stupid, really funny :smiley: )
  9. Now I’m watching You’re all surrounded, it airs on wednesdays and thursdays, really like it:)
  10. Flower Boy Next Door - funny, cute male lead and a very-VERY professional Park Shyn Hye, as always :slight_smile:
  11. You’re Beautiful - This was my second kdrama, really cute, and got me obsessed with kdrama :smiley:
  12. KPOP extreme survival - Loved it, at least until the last episode where they blew the hole drama in the last 10 minutes. But the main guy is really cute:)

Hope you’ll enjoy them! If you need some new things, watch Just You (Taiwanese) and Fall in love with me (Running, Taiwanese).

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There is a new one which is most enjoyable check it out for pure entertainment, " GLORIOUS DAY’ don’t forget ‘MY LOVE FROM THE STARS’ deff in the top ten.

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My favorite Korean shows are

Meteor Garden [2001]
Boys Over Flowers [2009]
Meteor Garden [2018]
Playful Kiss [2010]
Mischievous Kiss [2013]

My other favourite Korean shows

Mischievous Kiss 2 [2014]
You’re my destiny [2008]
You are my Destiny [2014]
I am not a robot [2017]
Good doctors [2013]

Doctors [2016]
Strong Girl bong soon [2017]
Accidentally in love [2018]
Oh my ghost [2015]
Love so beautiful [2017]
Good morning call [2016]

Hello my twenties [2017]