Best Dramas Based in the Republican-Era (1912-1949) (and Up-Coming) φ(゜▽゜*)♪


Oh That’s what I Thought :smile: When I seen the pictures I was like “Wow this is so Sparrow” Thank you!


I have been really looking forward to Records of the Southern Mist House, I Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


then I will have to check if I can get my claws… erm… hand on them as well :slight_smile:


I was told that it would be with a different cast… Maybe in the form of a cameo…


:sob: It won’t be the same without Li Yi Feng… Oh well, I still shall wait patiently for it… :grin:

Also… I Just Found this drama

雪女王 The Snow Queen (2018)

In the Northern Kingdom, a young girl earns the title Snow Queen due to her fierceness in battle in a Chinese drama about an epic war, a tragic romance and a country’s survival.

I Think it falls into this category… but it didn’t have an exact date.


Battle of Changsha is so good!! I just loved everything about this drama. It’s almost the only family drama that I didn’t skip scenes or anything, all the stories were so good! :heart_eyes: and I loved the main couple.


I Really must see this “Battle of Changsha”
May I aquire where I Could watch it? I am Learning Chinese and Understand a decent amount of what’s being said, So Subtitles are not super important. :slight_smile:


You can watch Battle of Changsha on youtube! It’s complete and with English subs :slight_smile: just be ready for the roller coaster of emotions that that drama is…now I want to rewatch it but I’m not sure if I can handle it right now…


Highly recommend it. Like satynne said it is on youtube :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’m going to go watch it right now :smile:


I Created this Collection you can follow if you’d like :slight_smile:

As the description says, I will continue to add dramas to this collection
as Viki gets them. I Really, Really want to see Viki get My Bittersweet Taiwan and Jade Lovers :
So everyone can request them Here on Viki… :slight_smile:


:grinning: awesome!!! Already following!


Thank you so much :smile:


You can also add The Lady and the Liar and Cruel Romance. Both dramas focus more on the love story of the characters however, the republican war element cannot be avoided.


A drama that i really liked was MY ROOMMATE IS A DETECTIVE
it’s really great and funny at the same time.
here’s the link