Best Fashion in Korea 👗

Hi! This page is for Korean celebrities who’s fashion style is amazing. K-drama characters have such stylish clothes. This is for characters in K-dramas or celebrities in real life!


Kim Tae Hee’s airport fashion is so pretty and stylish!


Not gonna lie - they have the best clothes especially their coats.

Their make up will not work for me though but I’m sure it’ll look great on those who have the same skin tone, eye brow shape etc.


Korean Celebrities are making strong fashion statements which are becoming the fashion trends all around the world. I live in the USA but I am a fan of K-POP and Korean Dramas, I have also ordered many dresses from Coupon Codest by following the style of Kim Tae & other Korean Celebrities.


I think tthere are 3 South Korean females that great dressers ; Lee Min Jung Born: February 16, 1982 (age 39 years), Seoul, South Korea

Spouse: Lee Byung-hun (m. 2013)

A Suzy Bae and IU. They can really pick the outfits that compliment their figure and exalts their youthfulness.

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I’ve seen elegant outfits but I’ve seen monstruous things as well.

Dramabeans commented on this one “If even Lee Jong Suk can’t pull it off, it means it must be really bad”

Poor, poor Han Ye Seul, one of the most beautiful actresses in k-drama. Not only they chopped her luscious hair but they made her look like a clown with some of the most ridiculous outfits I have seen. Please note the torn blue skirt: yes, it was cut with scissors and a piece of it hanging down.
20th%20Century%20Boys%20and%20Girls%2005jpg 20th%20Century%20Boys%20and%20Girls%2004 20th%20Century%20Boys%20and%20Girls%2003 20th%20Century%20Boys%20and%20Girls%2002 20th%20Century%20Boys%20and%20GirlsJPG

This is from a Korean fashion magazine.


Lucky! I only WISH I could wear off the rack stuff. Being 5’10" is tall for American women and shopping SUCKS! Much less try to buy fashionable clothing made for petite women in Korea. No way. sigh. Which is why I learned to sew years ago.

It says, “Whenever a sale strikes at stores, consumers mostly look for discounts in the fashion section”. Discount? What is that? I can spend weeks and not find anything that fits. :tired_face:

I LOVE the gorgeous blue on some of those coats. I want this color! but not this style.
blue I wish I lived near the garment district in New York so I could go shopping for material. Idaho fabric stores are mainly for quilters. :neutral_face: It’s hard to find nice wools here. sigh But then, the people here do not dress. Yea, the guys who go to church wear business suit black but the suits have no style. The standard dress here is jeans, sneakers baseball cap and hoodie. The women. meh. Yea. Eastern Idaho is not a fashion mecca. :smile: In San Francisco, people still dress to go out, but there are too many there who wear casual clothes to the theater. :roll_eyes:

On the kdramas - those silks! The jaquards! Brocades! GORGEOUS! I want to go fabric shopping in Korea! Then I’d have to ship home a few huge boxes of fabrics. :star_struck: Gosh, greed is a terrible thing! I wonder what customs would say when I tell them, “Yes, That truckload of fabric is for personal use!” :smirk: :rofl:

There’s that interesting style lately where the men’s dress pants have the pockets on the outside in back and the belt loops through that. But I think the pants are too short - (floods) for formal wear. Something about a suit, floods, dress shoes and bare ankles showing… I am to old for that style. :rofl:


Je me pose souvent des questions sur les tenues des actrices, qui ne les mettent vraiment pas en valeur, contrairement aux acteurs hommes

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She’s #1 and love her best in casual clothes bc she looks classy and relaxed. Comfortable. She reminds me of me in my younger/knockout dressing days. I was HATED bc I always looked the best dress of them all.

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Sometimes it makes me wonder … the edge in fashion is just so darn ugly at times but other times it is fantastic.

This one - No. Looks too much like left over wrinkled PJs. This style is too sloppy for my taste.

These are cute jackets.

Yea. I like this one. A lot.

I like the skirt but the model is… Thin is fine, but emaciated is never a good look. I know the starved look is the thing in Asia but it is not healthy to always be emaciated. All these women will have osteoporosis when they get older because they aren’t eating properly.
It’s a fad just as horrible as the anorexic - drug addict - goth - ‘heroine chic’ look of models in the 80’s. It’s a terrible image to present to the world. That anorexic model look must go!

Cute! I’d wear that in a hot minute! I want that sweater! I can make the skirt! Oh! wait a minute! I am not 20 any more! Darn! Would it look too funny on an old granny? :scream: :laughing: hmmm… I still like that top…and that skirt…


I absolutely love Korean street fashion, the baggy aesthetics, fitted outfits, designer clothes, Indie inspirations and of course all the black :wink: which is my favorite color of all time lol

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Love her outfit, & her natural confidence. :dress::boot::star2::sparkles::dizzy: She’s comfortable in her own skin. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I love Seo Ye Ji style in her intense characters.