Best Japanese Romance Dramas


I just wanted to ask the people who love Japanese dramas to recommend me some of the best romantic Japanese dramas. It doesn’t have to be recent but it has to be the best in your opinion. For your information, I’ve watched Long Vacation, Pride, Buzzer Beat, and Koizora. Among them, I love Long Vacation the most, followed by Pride. So, yeah. I’d love for some recommendations :v::v::v:


Mmmhh, I think, this is all about your personal taste, but I like Last Cinderella and From Five To Nine, too. :wink:


I really loved Rich Man and Poor Woman, Koinaka and Kingyo Club. There are others but I never remember the titles of Jdrama…


Hours of My Life


Yes, I enjoyed Hours of My Life as well.


In my case, I don’t care much for dramas where somebody dies at the end, no matter how uplifting the message. As you go through life, there are enough deaths and illnesses around you, enough heartbreak in losing beloved friends, or witnessing your friends caring for their elderly parents and then going through the trauma of loss. I really don’t want to be seeing that in dramas as well.
So, a thoughtful, interesting drama, not stupid and fluffy, but not tragic either, would be a good thing.



There is no death at the end. In fact, the character chose life over death. The strength of the love that persisted throughout was indeed uplifting and inspiring.