Best Soundtrack from a Kdrama

Name songs or post videos :musical_score::musical_keyboard::musical_note::notes:


I would have to say:


Mine would be this:


these songs have been in my mind for so long now// GOD I JUST LOVE THESE SONGS SO MUCH>>>>>>>

her voice has the thing that can stir emotions. Doctor John

oh this song is painfully beautiful : the smile has left your eyes

the angelic voice of jung yup, gosh. in The legend of blue sea

this one is so chilling by Eldon Pink cheeks from My roommate is a gumiho

not everyone can love him. from the game towards zero

Hospital playlist whole track list

without this masterpiece this list is incomplete

this one is legendary

you can not never ignore IU

how can you not count this as beautiful

ENCOUNTER saltnpaper, so underrated

this gem

this this this

and because i am so excited right now. i can not remember more


There’s some good ones already listed, I love Beautiful from Goblin, and Auditory Hallucination from Kill Me, Heal Me. I’ll add…

I’ll Be Here - Park Hyung Sik (Hwarang)

Is It Me? - Baekhyun (Lovers of the Red Sky)

Run - 2morro (Beauty Inside)

Beautiful Moment - K. will (Beauty Inside)

Wanna Be Bad - WooSung - The Rose (Psychopath Diary)

The Luckiest Boy - All the Leads

Found for Love and Goodbye- Boy Sompob (Until We Meet Again)

Ok, I’d better stop I have too many to list, here’s my collection. Music Is Life - OST


Love This!!

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Listening, and part way through, realized I didn’t turn on subs. I liked it without the subs, so I kept playing. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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