Best Taiwanese Drama?

I’ve only seen Mars and Autumn’s Concerto, both of which are very similar, bUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOTH OF THEM. I’ve seen Mars 3 or 4 times, love it sooo much, and I just finished watching Autumn’s Concerto. I would love some suggestions for really good Taiwanese Dramas, not necessarily like these two, but some really good ones!! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

My all-time favorite is “The Girl in Blue.” I cried so much with that drama. Roy Chiu is the best. :slight_smile:

Well there is Meteor Garden , Down With Love, The Rose, Lady Maid Maid, Zhong Wu Yan, Rock ‘n’ Road,Skip Beat! , (There is a group of 3 dramas here watch them in this order Happy & Love Forever,Sunny Happiness,Happy Michelin Kitchen.),Love Around, Just You

Mars is my all-time favourite. It’s just so real and how they manage to overcome their sorrows and be each other’s pillar it’s so beautiful.

“Devil Beside You” follows the footsteps of Mars, although the stories are unrelated. But it’s the same university and similar protagonists. And on a plus they are both adapted from mangas. (Mars - Mars; Devil Beside You - Akuma de Sourou)

More TWdramas:
Bump Off Lover (crime drama), Calling for Love, Corner with Love, Endless Love (superb), Fated To Love You (the original TWdrama, and my favourite of the two), Hot Shot (sports drama, great story), Hana Kimi (made after the Japanese manga, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e), It Started with a Kiss 1&2, SummerxSummer, Starlit, Summer’s Desire,

Out of these, you should start with: Bump Off Lover, if you like crime and mystery stories; Endless Love/Fated To Love You, if you like romance stories.

But watch Devil Beside You. Ahmon (the male lead) is as the title implies… a devil. As in devilishly handsome and irritating ^^

With Vic Zhou, I recommend you Black and White but it’s an action drama.

I really love Time with You, Fated to Love You (even if the others characters are a little boring) and In a Good Way.

I absolutely LOVE:

  • Autumn’s Concerto
  • I Do? (幸福的抉擇)
  • Devil Beside You
  • Romantic Princess

It’s really hard question :slight_smile: I really like The New World, now! It’s an interesting story! The next episode comes today!
I’m really like Meteor Garden. But my absolute best is: Just You

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Best one? Probably a tossup between In Time with You and The Fierce Wife.

marry me or not~~~~~~~

Watch Fated to Love You. It’s my ALL time fave. Acting isn’t exaggerated at all. :slight_smile:

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My favorites are:

  1. Bromance
  2. I love you so much
  3. In Time with you
  4. I love U love U love U
  5. Summer’s Desire
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Ok,so I know I already answered this with my top whatever, BUT with all the new dramas released since then, I have to say that it’s changed. Here’s my new list of favorites:

  1. Literally anything with Aaron Yan
  2. Autumn’s Concerto
  3. That Love Comes

I was going to ask about dramas for me to watch, Taiwanese, but you guys got a list here for me to watch! I am finishing Fated to love you for the 4th time LOVE IT! so could you direct me to more? and Mirnao23-316, girl in blue you say? gotta find it!

In Time With You is really great :slight_smile:

thanks! I will find it.


Hey …is there a romantic drama where both the guy and girl are rich ? :sweat_smile: