Better subtitle rendering across devices

Viki should interrogate their own caption rendering engine. into Roku devices

When choosing the caption color white, it looks gray making it hard to read.

is is due to the way the CEA708 specification is written, color for captions is specified as a 6 bit value, letting the source pick from four levels of intensity for red, blue, and green. However, “white” in the spec is listed as (2, 2, 2), not (3, 3, 3), which means it’s at 66% of maximum intensity. Roku has to comply with this for digital captions unless the source caption overrides it.

Roku’s system was designed for basic closed captioning not with subtitled drama in mind.

Netflix Amazon Hulu and many others already use there own subtitle systems and Viki has one of the best so please make this change

Aside from the color of the viki subs on roku could you update me on how Roku is handling a manual break in the subtitles to divide the subtitle into lines? I don’t use a Roku stick anymore. It used to be that Roku did not recognize the manual break and so when the subs were written with no space after the end if a line and the break and then the beginning of the next line, Roku didn’t break and ran the two lines together so we had two words run together on screen. Does Roku handle a manual break now? Does it still run lines together?


I believe it still runs lines see again all roku does is standard CC for the hard of hearing it was never intended as a proper solution for internal content so roku recognizes this and gives developers the power to implement there own this is why Netflix Prime video and other services look Superior because Viki currently uses Roku’s poor basic implantation
please help me by upvoting my idea and spreading it where you can

Thank you. So I will continue to insist that subbers limit the use of the break and absolutely not to use the break when only one person is speaking in a segment.

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