Beyond Evil


Hey yall! Did anyone here watch Beyond Evil? It was good but I don’t understand the immense hype. It really didn’t stand out to me and was pretty predictable. In terms of smart mystery dramas, Law School has been much better, but I do acknowledge that the voice of Law School is completely different and more humorous. I guess Mouse would be a good comparison, but I even thought Mouse was more interesting. What are yall’s thoughts?


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I watched it and enjoyed it a lot. However, I think it wasn’t as good from ep 9 onwards, after they caught Kang Jin Mook. To me, it felt like a different show (which I think was what the director and writer were trying to do). I just preferred the 1st half.

I did enjoy the creepiness and the psychological thriller aspect of the show though.

Also, Lee Dong Shik’s smile/laugh gave me chills every time.


I actually dropped Law School after 2 eps because I was busy, but I still want to find out who killed the old professor at the start.

I also found Mouse more interesting and a lot better than Beyond Evil.


Yeah, Beyond Evil did kinda drop off around episode 9. I feel like the suspicion around the entire community wasn’t really that heightened. You could pretty much tell who was good and who was bad. And the literal overkill of his sister was kinda ridiculous.

I just finished the season finale of Law school and I absolutely loved it. Very good drama. Yangcrates is the most swaggy character I’ve ever seen. Loved that he is older but can pull off a mullet and make it look chic. And he was hilariously cold and arrogant. I’ve never seen any work from that actor, but he was brilliant.


This was one of my 1st segmenting projects. I think he was also in this.


Whoa that’s quite the synopsis. I wonder how they pulled off the story. I will check it out. Thanks!!