Beyond Live and other concerts and events from home

SuperM, NCT, TVXQ, Super Junior, BTS and other artists giving concerts and holding events you can go to from home these days.
Who went to a concert or event this way and what are your views on it? Or are you planning on going to a concert and what are your expectations of it? Do you think they should keep doing concerts and events like this in the future next to the normal concerts and events you go too?

Personally I went to TVXQ’s Beyond the T concert and I had no clue what to expect exactly. I was late because when I decided I wanted to ‘go’ the concert already started. Thanks for the person who showed me how cool it looked. I thought I would miss a lot but there was interaction with fans, fan chants, dancers and as added bonus way cool AR effects to make up with special effects on stage during normal live concerts, like the whole stage was burning etc.

This topic is not only for Kpop but I don’t know non kpop artists who did this…


Is there a video of it? I’d like to see it too but didn’t follow the concerts at home events although there are many (I only watched one club night stream for European cities some time ago).

Not yet, the VOD file is not done yet. But even if there is a VOD those won’t be free to watch, you need to pay for them. Since I did pay for the concert the VOD will be ‘free’ for me.

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Today I went to K-Community Festival and it was so fun although I don’t really listen to any of those bands. Also could have gone to Junsu’s concert but I decided to skip that. Maybe I go to Jaejoong’s fanmeeting/concert next week.

K-Community festival was in Brussels last year and I kind of regretted not going back then because I didn’t know what to expect at all.


anyone watched SM’s unbelievably free concert on New Year’s Day? It was one wonderful show! :heart_eyes: