I loved it too, and watched the drama 4 times (all episodes) bc I love the main actress LMJ she was a natural, and the ones criticizing her were trying to make it look like she was ‘‘so old’’ for the second male lead, but in reality she acted like an innocent girl so perfectly well, and she’s very youthful looking so it didn’t look like a big age difference. I am so sad she (LMJ) decided to stop acting since I haven’t see her around for a long time now. In my opinion, the good actresses retire too soon, and the bad ones never leave.

I was hoping they did the ending that she stayed with her actual Dr. fiancee; and suzy stayed with KKJ since it made all the sense in the world. But Asian writers can be so disappointing when it comes to story lines and following a common sense ending for a love story.

If they re-make the story now, they don’t have the right people to play those roles bc they made those role the soul of GY and all the cast of characters involved there. GDR’s brother omg that boy was so funny. I think that although I wasn’t too pleased with the ending is one of the best K dramas stories I’ve ever seen bc it stayed edge in my heart and mind forever. I can replay it in my head something that only happens when the drama touched every fiber of my heart and mind. I waited to see the ending the first time for about two weeks bc I was so afraid to be disappointed with the ending so I had to psych myself out before accepting the ending.

It had nothing to do with the age difference, but the love she had for the Dr and the Dr. had for her too at the beginning of the drama. I miss those great dramas bc now I feel today’s new dramas they are so pointless, repetitive, and some of these new young actors/actress are just a pretty face, but can’t really act. They need to recruit new ppl. instead of ‘‘idols’’ that acting is not their forte. NOT all of them of course, some are good, but don’t show the love in acting bc they think all they need is their great ‘‘looks’’

guys i dont know how to make a post, I’m literally just googling “help me find this kdrama” to see the resources people use, and I NEED to find this one korean movie, it was in my tiktok saved watchlist but the op removed it, so now I’m left with what i remember from the tiktok…
an older movie, looks to be around 2000s maybe even 90s, the leads are a man and a woman, the actor who plays the man seemed to be popular bc the comments were obsessing over him, at one part he runs up and hugs the girl from behind, they’re wearing winter clothes, and while holding her he’s talking to her and she looks really confused, and at the end it’s the girl crying “saranghae” over and over again, that’s all I’ve got…

I love this drama up till the last part of the last episode. They used old images of the young brother to do a scene with her. No real interaction was there. It felt like they didn’t have time to really finish the drama and had to do a wrap in a hurry. We didn’t see the older brother’s side. So, even though the drama is so lovely, it was cut off in the middle.

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What happened with that drama (*that could have been a perfect 10), was that at that ‘‘time’’ an older woman romancing a ‘‘young man’’ was a mortal sin. They started to write disgusting comments hurting a wonderful actress like LMJ then, we have SuzyA that all those envious girl detest her beauty, her talent, and her determination to prove that you can have it all beauty and brains. Ironically, in certain ‘‘society/culture’’ women DO NOT support each other, and encourage each other but instead, they belittle them and have the audacity to say they are ‘‘old’’/ ‘‘ugly’/’ or can’t ‘‘act’’ for s**t (which is not true).

I use to go off at them because I was never used to that; since in my Island we are taught to excel and support other women in every role they may chose in life. Whether it was working in construction (a ‘‘manly’’ thing) play basketball, be a President etc. When you are brought up with that mindset you are never looking for ‘‘faults’’ in women, but finding words of encouragement and victory in everything they do. I hated so much how mostly Asian women would be the first ones to write so many horrible things about these 2 great actress.

The main lead guy GY was forced to play the young guy’s part all the way to the ending to calm down the female viewers that threaten to stop watching the drama (which had the highest rating recorded in K-drama). They gave in, and with that they messed up the ending big time. The poor young man was destined to stay a comatose corpse even when he came back to meet hGD again, since they refused to show the ‘‘real’’ him to please the rotten viewers. Everything had to be rushed, and you can tell the actors no longer had the same enthusiasm they had at the beginning, and is understandable when the last thing any woman wants to hear is that she’s too old for the SML. It’s a miracle LMJ didn’t quit bc I would have; just to show them that my part in that drama was irreplaceable.

When you rush things in barely the last 2 episodes; a lot is going to be omitted that was planned in the first place. When you change things at the last minute nothing adds up bc the jigsaw puzzle is missing so many pieces that were needed to complete the perfect picture. Like it was so ridiculous that this short cute boy became his brother’s twin in a year, and grew so much although he was way shorter that his brother. NO miracle can make that happen. That killed the drama for many (Like myself) that I was expecting to see the real shorty KY? come back to GD and give the beautiful kissing scene at the end.

ALTHOUGH, in my honest opinion the ending should have been that GD stays with her DOCTOR (GY/YJ?) that they already were planning their wedding had invitations and all, and he was never unfaithful to her, but it was all a misunderstanding. KY (young man) was perfect for ASuzy.? (I’m bad with names) one, they also had a misunderstanding regarding his mother’s death implicating the young girl which adored him. They were so perfect for each other not only in age, but in cute rudeness, spoiled child, attitude and the main one; they had been ‘‘together’’ for so long. HE/ KY knew her like a book. I just can’t believe how they destroyed that drama’s ending just to please ridiculous self centered viewers.

I mean, I would have accepted KY coming back to GD as long as I saw HIM not GY/YJ, in that last episode their kiss under the umbrella. After all, they don’t have to kiss in real life since there are many ways you can make it look that you are kissing a person when your lips are nowhere near his. I need to get over this, but I just can’t… lmao :rage: