I GOT THE ENDING!!!(im about to cry.) : REWIND TO 48:29. SHE SAYS:“even if all your memories dissapear,if a miracle where they all come back the moment you see me suddenly happened,that would be great.”

HE SAYS: “if i have a crush on you again,you hold onto me first.if i show up in front of you again,even if i whine and throw fits,endure it and dont let me go.”
SHE SAYS: “okay.”
HE SAYS:"to the me who wont be able to remember,tell me your feelings just as they are now.if you do that,we’ll be able to return to this time.
SHE SAYS: “okay.take a look.” -and points to his watch- SHE SAYS: “when i tell you how i feel,at that moment,you will return to this moment right here.” “i put you in a trance.” (skip to when i say “anywayssss sooo” to get to the point.though u should read everything to understand it better.)

1year later… what happens? THAT VERY SAME THING.A MIRACLE.THE MIRACLE SHE AND HIM WHERE HOPING FOR. WHAT WAS THIS DRAMA ALL ABOUT GUYS? ABOUT THE MIRACLES.THE FREQUENT SHOW OF THE BOOK ABOUT A MIRACLE AND THE CARD KKJ HAD IN HIS WALLET ABOUT MIRACLES. WRITTEN BY THEIR FATHER ABOUT THE MANY MIRACLES HIS SONS WOULD ENCOUNTER.A MIRACLE THAT WOULD MAKE HIM HAPPY.(i remember somewhere kkj saying that the book his dad drew for him and yoonjae was to make him happy in his life or something.a miracle that would make both of them happy.he was talking to mari or something when she was telling him that she would stay with him and be happy with him and he told her something like the miracle wouldnt be for only u to be happy or something.and maybe the miracle was orginally that one child will save the other and then vice versa when needed,but when the kids ripped the miracle,they said:what if it doesnt go back to how it was supposed to go origanally?"(double meaning for us:what if the purpose of the miracle gets changed?) no longer kkj saves yoonjae(with his sickness) and then yoonjae saves kkj(water drown thing) and now again kkj must sacrifice and save yoonjae but probably about happiness. switch-back-into-bodies-and-both-have-a-happy-life-for-both happiness MIRACLE. yoonjae will wake up with no memory,therefore,leaving him free of pain of still being in love with Gil daran or loosing her, and kkj will be happily in love with gil da ran and remembering everything.

anywaysssss so: look at the ending again. starting from 1year later. then she says “i love you” and what happens? THAT VERY MIRACLE THEY WISHED FOR.
it looks like they went back mentally(he regained his memory through that miracle),and they physically went back to the time they said they would return to(through the miracle). then kkj HE SAYS"at this moment,my heart,just like it is now,it will grow all at once.LIKE A MIRACLE"(maybe this is something he had said and it wasnt shown until now because it wasnt in the flashback but maybe he said that and she rememers it.then she is in front of him and she smiles(he doesnt say this in the flashback and they both dont smile in the flashback remember? they were crying,so this prooves they went back in time.and the miracle happened XD) THEY BOTH SMILE AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

the writers really shoulda explained this more because many ppl broke their heads over this ending,were upset,there was no closure for some things as ppl would have liked,and it was very VERY confusing.but the miracle happened and everyone is happy and perfect so good ending and bad at the same time. xD good.


btw i really think the writers should still make it official and explain the ending to us so we know EXACTLY what happened and what was their purpose so that we can rest our minds at ease,especially that it created a very big uproar of opinions and confusion.i wish there was some way for us to pettition and request that they explain the ending to us… anyways,please tell me your opinion on whether or not u think i am right,i think i am but tell me if u think i make sense :slight_smile:

What is there to explain? He came back to her(the young guy) as soon as he remembered her. The characters didn’t kiss bc at that time the girl(actress) started her relationship with the guy that is now her husband.

BUT the BIG confusing is why is it that after a year, Kang GYUNG JOON is still in YOONJEA’S (Gyung Joo) body? They have supposedly back to their original self. For me, It was a let down ENDING.

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There are people who give a different interpretation.
There is an interesting discussion here:

He came back looking older and looking like his brother. They used Gong Yoo for this scene bc the young kid was way too young to do the scenes I read this a long time ago it was unacceptable according to old hags criticizing the drama. They ruined the drama.

They have so many hang ups when is a young guy with older woman but when is a disgusting old man with a young girl not only is acceptable, is the perfect thing to happen. UGH!


From what I understand, only 2-3 years have passed. How is it possible than in 2-3 years he looked like his 30-year old brother?

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Korean drama logic I’m guessing lol. I read so much about issues with the drama bc the young guy was considered ‘‘underage’’ for main actress and it was so annoying to me. Why give him the role to make a stink about it? If you notice throughout the drama the young man is never shown kissing LMJ only Gong Yoo? (I’m bad with names). I wonder if that kid was so traumatized I never saw him in another drama. Have you, by chance?

I wanted the young boy in the end scene and kissing with main girl but I knew it wasn’t going to happen.I love the drama no matter what and it was the first Korean drama that brought me to the viki site. I was watching BIG on a cable channel and the episodes were really slow so I googled it and viki.com came up


The young guy was only 17 years old when he did this drama, I later on found out

Wasn’t he 21 at the time? Wasn’t he Shin Won Hoo who plays the hacker conman in ‘Legend of the blue sea’? He was born in '91 ‘Big’ was filmed in 2012 which means he was 21 years old. That might be too young to feel comfortable with kissing scenes but he was definitely not underage.

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I read an article that said he was 18 years old ( he was underage bc Korea adds a year and if he was 18, that means he was really 17) but I don’t know what’s considered underage in Korea. In US underage is 21. I really think that they considered her to be ‘‘too old’’ for the romantic scenes with him. I’ve been dying to see how his career progressed but I didn’t know that was him in LOTBS.

Oh. You are right. I didn’t consider that the years to be underage change from country to country. And it ist true that at this age an age gap of nine years really is a lot.

You can find KKJ in The Legend of The Blue Sea.

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Thanks! I Know I saw him and I was so happy when I saw him again, and it’s so weird he didn’t became famous. He’s such a sweetheart and so cute

The writer should kill Yoon jae, IMHO. He already have no hope to win Gil Daran, plus he can died as hero for saving his brother life and have bigger heart to let them be happy.

The younger brother ends up together with her at the end and live happily ever after.

Twins can have similar bodies so the character that appears at the ending is not seo but kang

Yes, it was KANG, not SEO. SEO stayed behind with his parents to give his brother, and the woman he loved; the freedom to love each other. It was a great ending, but people had conflicting views.

I also wanted her to stay with SEO bc I wanted KANG with Suzy (which seemed more close in age). I have nothing against age difference in relationship since my ex was way younger than me, and we lasted 17 good years together.

I think that Suzy and Kang made such a great couple and SEO and LMJ made a gorgeous couple, and deserved to be happy together like they were planning to do.

They should re-do this drama with this different ending and of course, different actors now.

Thanks for the explanation! I think that you’re right on every point. I understand it now.

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