Big Mouth + Lee Jong Suk + Upcoming Drama


I’m super excited to watch Lee Jong Suk’s new drama! :star_struck: He’s an actor that is usually cast in romance dramas, and I usually watch suspense/action dramas, so I don’t know his works so well enough to say if I like him or not.

He was the ML in a serial killer drama (V.I.P) and I loved it, that’s why I want to watch more suspense dramas where he’s the ML.

I don’t know if his fans, that love mostly romantic dramas, will watch the drama “Big Mouth”, but I think the more versatile the actor/actress is, the more he’s skilled. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



He is usually cast on romance dramas, but his best works have muh more than just romance. I never became a crazy fangirl but I do respect his versatility and the way he pulls off his characters. Both Pinocchio and While You Were Sleeping were done extremely well, with good amounts of suspense and action.

He was a reporter with deep-seated vengeance in Pinocchio, and a prosecutor who could see future events in dreams in While You Were Sleeping. His characters mix professionalism and off-duty wackiness very well. He isn’t afraid to look less than cool or perfect when he’s executing physical comedy. I’m excited for Big Mouth, even though dark noir isn’t my genre at all.