👬 BL Stars Reflect on Pride, Queerness & LGBTQIA+

This article from Teen Vogue is excellent reading. It gives valuable insights in the potential and the power of the BL genre as well as the views of the stars of boys’ love dramas and movies.


A snippet from the interview with Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee and Nanon Korapat Kirdpan, the lead actors in Bad Buddies, The Series.

[Maybe BL] can be used as a soft power for the country to be more open to considering the approval of some related laws for this community,” Nanon says. He’s thinking about the big picture, so naturally, Ohm complements him by addressing the finer, interpersonal details. “I wish there will be no more gender discrimination. We should not disrespect each other, because in the end, ‘human’ is ‘human’,” he says. Ohm knows that everyone has their own value: “Everyone can be happy in their own way, their own kind of love, so if they do not hurt anyone, let’s respect each other as we are all the same — human beings.