BLACK the grim reaper

well, I have watched it again, a third time. With people being in the know, I need to find out something. the girl that sings the song, I sure would like to find out what she is saying, is it I want to kill myself or what? and of course, loved watching it (Netflix)

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Which episode? Or are you mentioning the theme song?

I don’t think its the theme song. its wehrn the girl is by herself and the singer sings that song.And it sounds like she is singing I will kill myself. the words are good till I hear that. to me its a sad song, but with what she has gone through, the song is the right one.

Is it perhaps this one?

Black is an amazing drama. I especially like the intro to the series, I used to watch it on every episode because it was so cool. I do get this drama mixed up with Signal, though, which annoys me because I get the plots mixed up and I can’t distinguish between them.

Wasn’t Black the drama that appeared quite horror-like with many violent/scary scenes?

not horror or violent scary scenes. if you liked Goblin, you will like this one. more details though, and you may not still like it.

Helenama73-911; did you notice the loop in the drama? from the beginning to the ending one, I thought that was neat, and the very ending Black came to led her home… loved it, just finished third time watching.
I am getting about as bad with it as healer!!

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It was an amazing drama, I just might watch it again (I usually don’t rewatch dramas because I like discovering new ones, but if a drama is good enough, I’ll rewatch it).
The ending gave me so many feels! I might have shed a tear or two

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The ending, although expected it left me heartbroken. Some scenes were hard to stomach but I loved it, too. The actor is one of my favorite bc mainly his looks in my opinion are a 10, and I find him so darn sexy. His acting is great too but even if he was bad, he has my devoted attention.

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Lol he has definitely aged well! I watched him in Autumn in My Heart, and when I saw him, I thought, Oh, it’s baby Song Seung Heon! I first saw him in Black, so the age reversal was somewhat shocking for me. His looks will always stay a ‘10’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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