[BOLLYWOOD MOVIE] Licensing 3 Idiots

Since Viki strayed licensing Thai and Filipino dramas and got movies as old as from 90’s, I got a ray of hope to relicensing Bollywood movies too.
3 Idiots is a 2009 Bollywood movie starring Amir Khan in lead role.
Synopsis according to IMDb
Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them “idiots”.

This movie was a global hit and interestingly is still a hit in Korea and China.
This movie has also been mentioned in few K-Drama as well, such as WAIKIKI.


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The movie gave a really good message and is really funny. The movie is a flashback to the college days of these 3 people who are called idiots by people around them. Two of them set on a journey to find the third one who mysteriously disappeared after graduation. Unlike any mysteriously disappeared character, the story has a different twist.

Please help to get this master piece on Viki :pray:




REALLY??? Does Viki have any hindi content though? woahhhh sometimes I forget we fall under the asian category :joy::sweat_smile:


Viki even has ‘Dil to Baccha hai ji’ and CID and other famous Indian dramas and movies but they aren’t licensed anymore or at least, they aren’t licensed in India.

Yes, Viki has only Asian dramas and Movies and luckily We are Asians too :tada::confetti_ball::smile:

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This is a total irony of ironies…Indian dramas restricted in India!!! :joy: but wow I never knew that!


I remember watching the Tamil version on Youtube a couple of years ago. It’s really a great movie.


Oh, yes!
Thank you for the support :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The movie had an Indian remak as well as a Spanish language Mexican remake.

Although, I haven’t watched the remakes but I have read they are as good as the original.

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I did the request. Crossing my fingers and hoping we get variety of dramas needed at this site. I was hoping they make available (is not in my region although I made 2658
Subtitles 1043 Segments

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This is not even available in India.
I guess Viki didn’t renewed it’s license after it got expired for a variety of reasons.
I see, that you like this one a lot(^^)

Even I want a variety of stories at Viki,

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Exactly, back around 2013 viki site had the most varieties of drama and they are all gone. From Spain they had one Angels and demons/Grand Hotel/The Time Between they were totally different, and I worked on all of them, too. I worked in many Chinese dramas that I loved like Sanctuary/Painted Skin/Love forward/Miss Rose (my fave).

You never got bored bc the variety was extensive. Now we have so little variety that is boring…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Every story revolves around the same thing. Rich boy - Poor Girl
Most of the time, I don’t watch romantic comedies, becuase all I see is the same romance and no Comedy. I would absolutely go for comedy and romance as different genres but romantic-comedy doesn’t entertains me anymore.
Without a doubt, I love watching K-Drama as they’re an escape from reality, set in an imaginary hypothetical world but how long can one keep eating the same porridge even if he likes it. He’ll definitely after some time, choose a different option for variety and experience.

It’s not that what I am referring to is the best or is counted among the best, but just to have a little variety from the favorite porridge, why not go and try a different dish?

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AMEN to that! Why don’t we make a petition and request/demand more varieties in dramas here at Rviki site? lol

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I haven’t watched any Spanish shows and I just binge at Viki and no other site because I love the way Viki works.
But I’d absolutely like to watch something that’s short and worth watching.

I watched a Turkish show when I was really really young so I just remember the faces and nothing else, and I’d love to watch telenovelas.

The latest Thai drama that was licensed isn’t available in my region :expressionless:

I keep always requesting but if the mass don’t request, there isn’t any use.

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Viki has some things from some other areas as well (US for example), but unfortunately they are restricted for most of us. And the majority of non-Korean/Chinese/Japanese Asian dramas are restricted in Europe as well.

But at least for some people on this planet Viki has shows from India, US, Canada, HongKong, Philippines, Thailand, Spain and UK.


I was watching the trailer for 3 idiots and is something I would love to see but I doubt I’ll see it here and YT has bits and pieces. NTFLX discontinued Makkhi/Eega that one is a great funny Indian movie worth watching. I laughed with gusto when I saw it.

EVERY drama I like to see so far is ‘‘out of region’’ I really thought they were doing this on purpose bc is the dramas I really want and like to see, and right now it’s a miracle I can watch Flower of Evil although lately I get log out while watching (annoying to the core).

None of the shows from US (so far the few they have here), I can’t watch/ ‘‘restricted access,’’ ‘‘out of region’’ etc… Sooooo, I live in USA but US shows are not available for me; Does that makes sense?

The Chinese dramas that I like to see they no longer are available for me to watch, but the ones I dislike they are fully available. I never eat something I don’t like just bc I’m hungry. I’ll pass.

Even some of the best movies are restricted access/out of region, and I can’t see them now although I saw some of them, a long while ago. Just out of the blue; they are no longer available for me to see them.

I hope greed doesn’t destroy the special bond viki site had with its viewers/subscribers. I know many ppl that sacrifice so much just to be a subscriber here…:cry::cry::cry:


This is just as @vivi_1485 said, the irony of ironies!
Becuase most of the US shows are licensed in India but not in the US.

Interestingly, this show is in 42 languages as well.

I don’t have any Spanish shows but I heard a lot about them.
One Filipino remake of My Love From The Star is available to me. And one story of three girls as well.

In the explore page, Spain is no more an option although, India, Canada, Philippines and a few countries are.

If the show is not licensed in the region where the native language of the show is spoken, then how are we supposed to get it subbed? 🤷🤷


I live in Europe, but this is the only thing from Spain I can watch:

But there were only 3 anyway:



I don’t have Spain as an Option but funnily I can see these in my explore page!



I don’t have it as an “official” option either. Some things are just hidden somewhere on Viki. :female_detective: :wink:


That’s what I was thinking!!

The funniest part about Viki-- When I want a certain drama realllly badly it’s not available in my region. When I finally watch it on illegal sites like Dramacool the DAY i finish it, it pops up on Viki!:flushed::woman_facepalming:


Yes, that’s the point!
I really want to watch Extraordinary You but it’s restricted!
IDK but the best things are always hidden behind curtains.