Boss & Me (New Mainland Drama)

I was browsing around Soompi and stumbled upon this new drama called “Boss & Me”. The drama finished airing and is completed with a total of 30 episodes. I was wondering if anyone is interested in picking up this project? :smile: I saw the first 3 episodes and found the drama to be very cheesy and sweet. Reminds me of “Let’s Eat” with all the foods.

Soompi Link: CLICK HERE

I’m willing to help out with subs! :slight_smile:


Hi, I actually submitted this drama to viki and I’m still waiting for a reply. Hopefully I can get it approved and viki can get a license for this drama. :smiley:


I also made a request and they have yet to reply.

I was informed that the channel was already made! It is called “Shan Shan Let’s Eat” ! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Cool. Can’t wait till all the episodes are fully subbed. Might watch them now.

Does anyone knows why viki took down the channel???

Copyright issues. The drama producers demanded it from viki