Bride of The Century

Anyone know if Viki is going to add it here?? This is an AWESOME drama so far from what I’ve seen of ep 1 and 2!!


I hope we get it here I prefer reading the running comments and than adding my own!!:smiley: But for now guess I’m stuck going elsewhere :’(

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I know an other site, which I shall not name here google it, has exclusive rights for this drama so the chance that Viki will get it are very small.

Yeah I watched it on such said site I believe…but I was hoping against hope we would also get it also since Mimi is here too…booooooo so disappointing so far of the new dramas that just aired it’s the one I liked the most…figures…

@dramaaaaa completely forgot I made this…

Some of my fav scenes so far…
You can tell she’s completely fallen for him here…

I love her threats and 10-1 she follows through with them

I can’t decide if there are actually 2 ghosts or if she’s just bipolar…
scary ass ghost

funny as hell ghost

love this one ahhhhhhhhh that smirk faints

Look here is priceless!!!

melts that smirk…

died laughing here

his face…LOL he looks at her sometimes like she’s from another planet…granted he always seems to catching her doing something so out of this World crazy…

ROFLMFAO!!! The BITE scene

why does he always appear when she’s doing something so batshit crazy…

this was HOT

BEST scene ever DR FTW!!

lol she’s sooooooooooo cute here…

sooooooooooooo @dramaaaaa did I miss any of your fav?? @Hesto did I miss any of yours?


Okay I thhink that last scene in #4 is going to end in a slap to the face.
(Although, I loved it !)

I love the part where she imagines him making out with the other girl and he’s squealing and pointing his toes. eeeh hehehe I laugh out loud at that one. (hope you know which scene I’m talking about.

Also the guy who plays the Monk/priest, looks EXACTLY like my Yoga instructor.


OMG!!! I know exactly what scene you are talking about!!! LOL her imagination kills me I totally cracked up at that considering how his character is normally to even think he would behave that way she is sooooooooo twisted love her!!!

lol “the one who can’t be named here”

to me this one and the other website are the same…just bad bad…

I personally watch it in ooother website not the one that has the rights cause well I don’t like that website and I can get better quality somewhere else that there, and since I’m all about viki I can say is not the same without the timed comments, they take like 4 days to put the subs and upload them…annoying.

Anyway I love this drama now, the first episode was not all there for me but after I saw them together I just love it and Can’t get enough of this drama!

I think the white ghost is the cuttest thing, did you saw where she is holding the street sign? lol cute, I think we have two ghosts. the black rope bride eater and the cute white dress one.

Hahahahahahahahahah at least there is a place where we can talk now

I don’t know I have the feeling it’s one ghost with a good and a bad side. But 2 ghosts is also realistic . I love this drama and all that mystery and secrets aaaand I love this guy

I sooo fall in love with him T-T
The chemistry between the main leads is awesome

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Noo you soooo put my fav scene. I love tough girls like her. A strong main lead yeayyyy

I saw the first 4 eps too and omg it’s so cute!! Maybe it’s me but I had the feeling it was almost like ‘love at first sight’ when he saw her (Doo Rim) . Can’t wait for the weekend =)

Same here … I hope it will have a good ending.i hate it when i love a drama like that and then it has a ending that Sucks…

Yeah hahaha when he saw the new old fiancee. I love his character haha

I’m a little surprised with the half-brother story that’s going on. . . I know he’s not REALLY her brother… but she looks just like his sister…

I think someone is not honest here since I’m thinking the girls are twins. Reminds me a bit of “I Summon You, Gold!”
But I find it strange… I mean let’s say that that evil mother is the real mom why did she throw away one? And if she’s not the real mother why would she take care of two children who are not her own?! For the money?!


Yeah I wonder about the same thing… Because she asked the brother if the father could have a child , they don’t know. But can that be ? I mean the girls are too much alike to not be siblings.

omg hahaah also loved this scene

I laughed so hard

I like them together


they meet

this is too cute

I didn’t find the previews but it looks like YK comes back백년의-신부-some-videoclips-from-ep-4-at-p58/p70


Wow! I love these clips. They do have unbeatable chemistry together. You can tell he genuinely likes her in real life and is comfortable with her. That also translates into the screen. I love the way he looks at her during the interviews.

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There are a couple theories going around about that…it could be that his mother had him before she got married to the father so he is just a step son not related by blood…since the mother did make a comment about if she was blood related would you be trying to find her harder…but than it’s subbed as half siblings hoping that’s a subbing error and it suppose to be step brother/sister…cuz otherwise …ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww there another theory that YK is her daughter from her previous marriage but than the mother made some comment about the father being unfaithful sooooooo yeah I’m confused