I just thought it deserved its own topic.


I just saw the page for this last night. It looks interesting. The concept could have all kinds of misunderstandings, etc. I am a bit hesitant on the T-dramas because of past experience but may check this one out. I wonder if there will be similar issues to what the leads in Coffee Prince, experienced?

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Gender benders are my absolute favorite, but it looks like America doesnt have access to it so I either have to wait 6 months or get a chrome extension so that i’m able to bypass viki region lock (like i did with the heirs)

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I starting watching it (it’s till airing so I don’t know how it’ll turn out) but so far it’s not bad. T-dramas have a tendency to be draggy. If you want to watch it on Viki, try the Chrome extension. Those work

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Ah do watch it. I usually avoid T dramas as I don’t like the way they edit but this one has been quite enjoyable and funny too. It has been a nice escape from the nasty Korean women that K dramas seem to think is a requirement, gosh I’m so sick of it.

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Actually the lead in Bromance works through his angst much more quickly than the lead in Coffee Prince. The whole drama is very accepting and everyone is supportive. They do go through a checklist of tropes and it’s totally cringe worthy at times. However it’s also completely addictive and the leads have AMAZING chemistry.


Thanks everyone, the input makes me more interested. The downside is it is not available for me. I either wait a few months or watch elsewhere. Which I would think I would enjoy the timed comments on this one. :smile: