BTS and McDonald's Happy Meal & Friends

It’s really interesting and amazing to see Korean letters on McDonald’s Happy Meals.

Is McDonald’s doing this only in America or is it global?

I didn’t even know what 보라해 (borahae) meant. Apparently, it means “I purple you,” which is a symbol of long lasting love, friendship, and support between Army and the band that V from BTS had coined.




And they are even coming up with a BTS shirt for the employees to wear.

Will some die-hard fans try to get a job at McDonald’s, just to get the T-shirt? :wink:

Oh, and I also heard today that BTS will be on Friends reunion! I think that’s a really good marketing strategy from Friends producers, considering RM, the BTS leader, claims to have learned English by watching Friends episodes.


Even non-Korean fans who aren’t interested in learning Korean usually can recognize certain phrases that are used repeatedly. ‘보라해’ is used very much in the ARMY fandom, the same way almost any EXO fan can recognize ‘사랑하자’, which is also used very much.


BTS said they were creating a McDonalds menu out of the items that they ate the most in one period of their training. So, when they came to the US, they were like “where is the sweet chilli sauce”? :joy:

The “Friends” think coincided with the announcement that they are making a reunion. Although, in which form exactly I’m not sure.


Admittedly, McDonald’s really knows how to market their products. Too bad their food sucks. Lol I’ve never liked their food. Lol

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Part of the reunion of BTS on the ‘‘Friends’’ show; is to voice and make people aware that the attack/violence against all ASIAN people in USA, and all over the world, must stop.

How is that going to be played so far is not discussed, but I hope we can stop this injustice to continue against the innocent and most vulnerable our Asian elders who are the main target of this sick individuals.

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Yeah, I figured any ARMY out there would know exactly what it meant! :wink:

Ooh, and I see the sweet chili sauce in the happy meal package in the picture! And the label is written in both Korean and English!

Totally! They really know what they are doing. And I never cared for their food, either. I’m not a fast food person in general anyway. The pictures I posted are sent from my friend. I think my kids ate McDonald’s food maybe twice in their whole life, and once was in Hawaii where they had rice and spam as part of their breakfast menu! lol

Slightly off topic, but as for the chicken nuggets, Popeyes has the best chicken nuggets among the fast food chain! :grinning: Yummy cajun seasoning with real chicken white meat, not those pink slimes that McDonald’s uses for their nuggets! Yuck!!


I’m addicted to their coffee, but the food does sucks big time (tried it and it made me sick). Besides, studies have shown Mc Donald’s meal are one of the unhealthiest fast food to eat. I do eat the Filet O Fish during lent season for religious reason but I request no pickles, no cheese,
and to go slow on the mayo.

Oh, wow. I had no idea. I am glad a lot of Asian celebrities are standing up against it and speaking out.

In this CNN video, Eric Nam, a Korean-American K-pop star, who was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, talks about Asian-Americans feeling like perpetual foreigners.

Also in his tweet: Microaggression, a small casual form of racism, such as making fun in a teasing manner about Asian features for instance, makes us put up with subtle racism because we don’t want to make a “fuss.”

I can totally relate to what Eric Nam is saying.

I really hope so, too.


I get so upset I’m not around one of this attacks bc I will make sure that attacker goes down when I kick him where it hurts them the most and when I see them in the floor screaming I would go to them and say; It hurts you, right? It hurts! Now you know what she/he felt when you hit them!

I hate to see people not doing anything about it. It’s a real shame to see what the world is coming to. I hope they make new laws and they get long jail sentence.

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Can you believe this? Poor fans who wanted to see BTS. It sucks to live in a country where they control what viewers can see on TV.


So I just watched Friends Reunion and they are not missing much! It just shows about 10 sec. of prerecorded video of BTS saying how they love Friends. We already knew that RM learned English by watching Friends, and there’s nothing new about it. It was pretty anticlimactic, to tell you the truth.

On the other hand, we were surprised while watching the movie ‘Yes Day" last night when the kids’ wish list in the movie revealed something written in Korean! It was so unexpected and we had to rewind that part to show our kids that part again.
It turned out the ice cream place the kids wanted to go for breakfast was supposed to be Korean owned, so the menu was both in English and Korean, and the employees spoke Korean a little here and there.

Ok, I tried using the spoiler wrapper around the last sentence above, but it’s not showing up as spoiler to me. Is it showing as spoiler to others?


No, is not coming out blurred as a spoiler, but don’t worry most of us here love ‘‘spoilers’’ and in fact, I don’t see it as a spoiler bc I bet I wouldn’t have noticed either unless you mentioned it here; so I’m glad you did.

Well ,I heard they missed only 6 minutes from it, so I’m guessing was not much either, but to fans that are so obsessed with BTS that had to be devastating.

PS Yes! It’s on ntfx gonna check Yes Day sounds good.


At 8:17 into the video, real time in S. Korea. They purchase the BTS and McDonald’s meal.

P.S.: I am sold on that self dry cleaning in their hotel room :exploding_head: has anyone seen that where you’ve stayed, or heard of it?

I’ve seen it on shows in people’s homes. Can’t tell you which ones though, but I think I started seeing a lot of them one / two years ago? And I thought the concept was cool too.

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Jinjja?! I bet they are pretty expensive!

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Yup, upwards of $1000 for sure.
I think I even got an email about one of these once.
Can’t remember. It was around $1400 - 2300 depending on the model.

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Out of my reach, that’s for splurging :joy:

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I was curious about it too. Samsung Airdresser looks like it steams the clothing… So if you had lightly worn something it would probably get it smelling fresh enough again and unwrinkled, but I don’t think I’d trust it to actually clean stains off of anything.

I sort of share her disappointment with the BTS meal. As a vegetarian who isn’t into kpop, I am definitely NOT the target demographic. But chicken nuggets, fries, and a drink with chili and cajun sauces just seems…phoning it in. I was hoping for something a little more uniquely Korean that’s not on their usual menu.


Something more uniquely Korean would’ve been nice. But I did hear that the happy meal in the US didn’t come with sweet chili and cajun sauces originally, and they added them because of BTS. If they wanted it more Korean-inspired, they could have made soy-garlic sauce, maybe? Or Gochujang-BBQ sauce?