BTS at the Billboard Music Awards!

As a huge kpop fan, it is awesome to see BTS at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. They hit the magenta carpet and almost broke Twitter. First nomination for a kpop artist at the BBMAs. That’s huge. Congrats BTS!

Being interviewed at the magenta carpet and asked to show how they were feeling, they reacted this way. :slight_smile:


We’re like 400M votes ahead of Beliebers… we’re crazy, I swear. :joy:


I’m beyond blown away. What the Army was able to do is astonishing. To beat the Beliebers is WOW!! Congrats BTS on your Billboard Award!! Regardless if you are a BTS fan or not, this is HUGE for kpop. HUGE! So happy for them and for all of kpop. :wink:


Tae Hyung looks so lost in the last GIF. :joy:

But yes, I am so happy they got the win; our boys really deserve it so much. :heart:

I just laughed at the media calling handsome “that third member from the left” :laughing:

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That was so funny! I saw it on Twitter when I was looking at the BTS hashtag. So many people were like “Who are they? They’re cute!” The third from the left…hahaha…to funny.

What did it for me was Taehyung jamming to Cher!

And then a little fan service. :wink:


I got to share this… so I’m watching the show again with my dad and BTS gets their award and he turns to me and says “How come they are so pretty?” OMG! I burst out laughing. My dad is not the type to make those observations but he couldn’t believe how amazing their skin was. I think I’m rubbing off on him. :joy:


Parental assimilation. I like it! :smiley:

I know! Now he wants to listen to their music. Oh, boy! What did I do? He was a DJ all his life so he loves music in general but if he starts listening to kpop… I think I created a monster. :smile:


Another gif I made…BTS on the Magenta Carpet. :slight_smile:


I was so happy that they won, and then I saw all those people insulting them on Twitter and elsewhere, along the lines of "who are these Asians and why did they win our award’? Why are people stupid? Why can’t we have nice things?

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Don’t get yourself worked up about it because they would say the same thing for any of the other winners they did not prefer.

Careful there… :smiley:

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Just another gif. I’m still way too excited about this. :slight_smile: